Monday, August 25, 2014

Tweezerman Brush IQ Makeup Brush: Review

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Tweezerman Brush IQ Makeup Brush Review
We all know that Tweezerman is known for its fantastic tweezers (dare I say the best on the market?), but did you know the brand is releasing a full line of makeup brushes for Fall 2014? Back in June, I had a chance to preview all the fabulous makeup brushes from Tweezerman at the London Drugs Fall Beauty Preview event and I got to take home a few to try: the Blush Brush ($26), the Flat Top Foundation Brush ($26), and the Brow Brush ($14). To read more about these brushes, click......
Tweezerman Brush IQ Makeup Brush Review
The entire Brush IQ line features "Natrafil" synthetic bristles that mimic the texture of genuine hair so it picks up products better and feels feathery soft.
Tweezerman Brush IQ Makeup Brush Review
Flat Top Foundation Brush:
This is a super dense flat top brush intended for use with liquid/cream foundation. I tried it with a cream foundation and I thought it did an ok job. Because the brush is so stiff and dense (although not rough or scratchy), I had trouble blending out the product perfectly. The brush can also be used for cream blush and precise application of powder blush.

Tweezerman Brush IQ Makeup Brush Review
Blush Brush:
This one is a fluffy and soft blush brush and I've been using it quite a lot. It picks up product really well and feels super luxurious against the cheeks/

Tweezerman Brush IQ Makeup Brush Review
Brow Brush:
Designed to be used with either brow powder or brow gel, this slanted brow brush has a thicker design which makes it much easier to pick up products. I usually only use brow brushes to apply gel eyeliner, so I was a bit thrown off by the thicker design. Overall though, this is a good slanted brow brush but it can't really be used for eyeliners.

The quality of this new line from Tweezer is superb. The bristles are super soft and there is zero shedding but the comparatively higher price point does make me wonder whether or not the they are worth the money given the existence of more affordable brands like EcoTools and Real Techniques.

The Tweezerman Brush IQ line will be available in stores at London Drugs starting this Fall.
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