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Boscia Tsubaki Secrets Gift Set: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Boscia Tsubaki Secrets Gift Set: Review
I've always been quite curious about Boscia products whenever I pass by its products at Sephora. Luckily, for the holidays, Boscia has released a couple of value sets that allow you to try some of their signature skincare products without breaking the bank. Today I will be reviewing the Tsubaki Secrets Gift Set ($58 CAD). If you too have been curious about Boscia products, then continue reading by clicking.......
Boscia Tsubaki Secrets Gift Set: Review
Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel & Beauty Oil:
Formulated with cold-pressed Tsubaki (camellia) oil that's high in Omega 9 and Wakame (Japanese sea kelp) rich in proteins, this skincare duo promises to cleanse, brighten, hydrate, and soften the skin.
Although formulated with various oils, this face wash feels like a simple gel cleanser. It does a great job of cleansing the skin but had quite a bit of trouble removing waterproof eye makeup and for that reason I would introduce it into my routine. However, if you don't normally use waterproof makeup, then this is a great option!
The Beauty Oil has a very light consistency. There is a super subtle herbal scent that's only noticeable if you smell the product close up. The oil can be directly applied to the face on its own or mixed with your daily moisturizer. I did the latter and really like the effect. It is richly moisturizing without being greasy and in the morning my skin felt and looked more refreshed and smooth.
Boscia Tsubaki Secrets Gift Set: Review
Infused with red clay, this 100% konjac root sponge helps deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. Before first use, the sponge feels quite hard and stiff but once it comes into contact with water, it becomes nice and squishy. The texture of the sponge help me better remove makeup and dead skin, so it cleanses much better than just my hands. The sponge conveniently comes with a string so the sponge can be hung to dry after each use.

I think this is a great set that comes with everything you need to pamper your skin. The beauty oil works wonders and the sponge/cleanser combo gives the face an awesome cleansing!

Boscia is available online and in stores at Sephora.
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