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Killer Queen Katy Perry Eau de Parfum: Review

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Killer Queen Katy Perry Eau de Parfum: Review
Killer Queen Katy Perry is the third fragrance (and the first in the Killer Queen series) from the world-famous pop star Katy Perry. Inspired by the song "Killer Queen" by Queen, this fruity floral scent beautifully reflects the playful, edgy, and sophisticated persona of the singer. I've tried the recent "royal revolution" edition of Killer Queen before and today I am back with a review of the original version of this delicious scent. To read more, click......
Shaped like a piece of multi-faceted ruby, the Killer Queen has a beautiful red/burgundy gradient glass bottle. The cap has a shiny gold finish and bears Katy Perry's "royal crest". The bottle feels very regal and reminds me of the sovereign's orb you see queens and kings holding in their hands for important occasions. The only downside with the bottle design is that the perfume can't stand upright so it has to be stored on its side. However, I do believe some versions of the perfume comes with its own stand.
Killer Queen Katy Perry Eau de Parfum: Review
The Scent:
Killer Queen is described as a daring fruity floral.
Top Notes: Wild berries, dark plum, bergamot.
Middle Notes: Celosia flower, jasmine, plumeria
Base Notes:  Cashmere, patchouli, praline
Upon first whiff, this scent is very fruity, full of sweet berries with a bit of tang from the bergamot. After your nose habituates to the top notes, the floral middle and the sweet base notes blend to form a delicious potion of warmth and sensuality. But overall, this is definitely a feminine scent that lands on the sweet and girly side. The wear is quite impressive as well, the scent lingers for at least six hours.

Killer Queen is available in stores at Shoppers, London Drugs, and various other perfume retailers.
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