Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Halloween Costume + MIB Awards!

Hey guys, I wanted to do a quick post to share with y'all some pictures of my Halloween costume. Last year I dressed up as a marionette, which I thought would be pretty hard to top this year but with a half an hour of googling and searching on Pinterest, I found some pretty awesome couple's costume idea and we decided to go with the pinata and birthday girl idea.
For my part as the birthday girl, I just went to the dollar store and found a bunch of birthday gear (do you like my tiara-birthday hat hybrid) and for the pinata, I spent about ten hours (with some help from the pinata himself) gluing strips of party streamers onto some shirt and pants. It was quite an endeavour but it was totally worth it in the end. I'm not sure if I would attempt a costume of this magnitude again though, haha, too many hours were spent bent over gluing pesky streamers on a pair of pants.

Lastly, I just wanted to ask you guys to VOTE FOR ME in the 2nd annual Made In Blog's Best Canadian Beauty Blog Award if you enjoy reading my reviews and seeing my swatches. I'd really appreciate it if you headed on over to give me a vote!

P.S. Thanks to your votes, my Halloween manicure won the Nail Polish Canada Halloween Contest!
Photo Credit: Jonathan N.
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