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Vancouver Christmas Market 2014

Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
A couple days ago my boyfriend (who is also an avid blogger, that likes to write about delicious food adventures) and I visited the Vancouver Christmas Market. We had a pretty awesome time so today he will be guesting on my blog, sharing with you our experiencing at the place. To read more, click......
Hey guys, Jasmine invited me as her plus one to the Vancouver Christmas Market and since she asked so nicely, there was no way to refuse. This year, there is a ton of stuff happening at the market so keep reading if you want ideas to make someone's holiday dreams come true.
Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
The place is just bursting with Christmas spirit. Walking in, hearing the live Christmas music and seeing the little wooden shack vendors everywhere made me feel like I entered a homey little Christmas town. The place has lots of crafts for sale, food to taste, and festive things to take pictures with. Here are some awesome gift ideas we spotted:
Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
German-made Nutcrackers
These nutcrackers look great in a group and are a fine addition to a home looking for a Christmas touch. They would also be perfect for someone with a lot of nuts to crack.
Soaps.... that look like real fruits! Where else do you find such tiny watermelon-coloured novelties with a hygienic value? This one is my favourite out of the selection!
Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
Fruit-shaped Soaps
Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
Hand-crafted Pens
We spotted some handmade pens that are perfect if you are giving presents to a company or family. There's enough selection here so chances are you'll find a unique set to make all your gift recipients feel special. And for those who have a habit of adding new ornaments to their Christmas tree every year, you can find an array of them here-from hearts to owls to bells and more.
Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
Fancy Ornaments
Sometimes the best gifts are consumed right away. You could just skip the presents and have a ball with your significant other(s) and dine out on the following yums, which are all made to order.
Vancouver Christmas Market 2014
Top: Jager Wienershnitzel
Bottom: Bratwurst, Chocolate Banana Poffies
We first tried the Jager WienerschnitzelSprinkled with herbs and smothered with a mushroom gravy, this deep fried pork cutlet is accompanied with a hearty helping of potato salad. The schnitzel was super crispy and lean and the gravy made everything that much better!
Next, we filled our tummies with bratwursts carefully curated with sauerkraut, onion, and wrapped in a bun. This grilled sausage is juicy, full of flavour, and it has a good hold on the skin. It goes great with ketchup and mustard.
For dessert we had Chocolate Banana Poffies, which are similar to Chinese bubble waffles. These pillowy soft pieces of crepe-like dough mixed with a classic combination of Nutella, banana, and whipped cream will surely dance on your taste buds, making you crave for more.
Mulled Wine
Last but not least, we had to try the Mulled Wine (aka Glühwein), which is the obligatory drink to try when you are at the Christmas Market. With deep Germanic roots, this cider/red wine concoction warms you right through your system. We tried the Traditional and Apple variations and I'd recommend the Apple for those looking for a sweeter drink. The Traditional smells great but it's got a much stronger bite to it.
If giving presents and dining out aren't the types of gifts you prefer to send this year, you can try giving a memory. As seen above, there's a giant tree towering over the market and it's a great place to be with your significant other. Here's a shot of your favourite beauty blogger by the giant Christmas Tree.
Picture with the giant Christmas Tree.
Also, the market has an adorable Christmas carousel (Vancouver's one and only) that will take you right down the memory lane. It was not until we got home that I realized we got too excited to even take a picture of the carousel. So if you are wondering what it looks like, head on over to the official Vancouver Christmas Market website.
That's all there is to it! The Vancouver Christmas Market runs now until December 24th (11AM-9PM everyday; 6PM for the 24th). Admission is $7 for adults and lower for youth, seniors, and children. So if you're looking for a little Christmas feeling, you'll find a lot of it (and an even bigger tree) right in the heart of downtown Vancouver!
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