Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads: Review
After trying the Kaia Juicy Bamboo face wipes, I had to check out the brand's famous Bamboo Tapioca Beads Daily Powdered Face Cleanser ($38 CAD). Made with crushed tapioca, chickpeas, white clay, and coconut amino acids, the Bamboo Tapioca Beads can be mixed with water or your favorite face oil to create a exfoliating paste. So how well does it work, click.......
Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads: Review
The Kaia Bamboo Tapioca Beads simply comes in a plastic jar with a sifter opening. There is a bonus moringa oil sample that can be used with the powder and there is a small wooden spoon that can be used to scoop out the product.
Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads: Review
So far, I've only tried mixing the bamboo tapioca beads powder with my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. The powder and oil mixture turns into a thin paste scattered with larger exfoliating pieces. The powder is surprisingly exfoliating, but not abrasive. It does an amazing job of smoothing out the skin. Kaia also suggested that the powder can be mixed with green tea to provide additional benefits to the skin.

I love this scrub! I love how exfoliative it is and the fact that it can be mixed with any liquid of your choice (rosewater, cleansing oil, coconut oil, etc) makes face cleansing fun!

Kaia Naturals is available at Holt Renfrew and select spas and boutiques.
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