Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Glitter Top Coat for Spring 2015: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Hey guys, Happy Saturday! Today I have a couple of matte glitter top coats from Sally Hansen's Spring 2015 Luxe Lace Collection ($7.95 each) to share with you. Designed to mimic the intricate patterns seen on lacy fabrics, the Luxe Lace top coats can be paired over any base colors. To see my thoughts on a couple of polishes from the collection, click.......
830 Eyelet: A pretty matte white glitter with various sizes of hexagon glitter, Eyelet has a nicely formulated clear base that's just right for suspending the glitters. One swipe provides a decent amount of glitters. I went in with a second coat on some fingers just to get some of the large hexagons.
One to two coats over Dior "Rose"
One to two coats over Dior "Rose"
810 Intimate: Pretty much identical to Eyelet, Intimate has some added peachy hexagon glitters and appears much pinker in the bottle. However, when applied on the nails, the shade looks nearly identical to Eyelet. The formulation is great, one to two coats for an even covering.
One to two coats over Dior "Pink"
One to two coats over Dior "Pink"
I love these, the Luxe Lace name is a bit of a stretch but I can sort of see how the pale glitters create a delicate, intricate pattern over the base color. The formulation on these are wonderful, although Eyelet and Intimate are a bit similar so picking up one of the two would suffice.

The Luxe Lace Collection from Sally Hansen is available as of January 2015 in drugstores nationwide.
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