Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Lush Solid Shampoo Bars in "Lullaby" & "Honey I Washed My Hair": Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
For as long as I can remember, Lush carried shampoo bars. These waste-free, soap-free shampoo bars contain the equivalent of three bottles worth of regular liquid shampoos. I've previously tried the Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar years ago and really enjoyed. it So I was pretty excited when Lush added six new Solid Shampoo Bars ($9.95 to $11.95 CAD) to the pre-existing range. To read about a couple of the new bars, click......
The bars come package-less. No plastic covering, not even a paper box because Lush is all about "naked" products. Shampoo Bar tins are sold separately for $3.95. The tins are good for travelling but if you are planning to only use the bars at home. I suggest resting them on a good soap dish that allows the bar to dry between each use.

Here is a very interesting video that talks more about these bars (it shows you how they are made too):

Made with almonds, oats, lavender, tunisian neroli, and jojoba oil, this is a gentle and soothing shampoo, perfect for those with sensitive scalps. The bar has a subtle lavender scent, I can't really pick up any other scents. The Lush Bar Shampoos lather nicely, but you kind of have to rub the bar into the hair for it to work. The formulation of the bar has a very cleansing effect but I find that unlike "chemical-heavy" shampoos that usually leave the hair feeling silky and soft, it leaves the hair (my hair anyways) a bit rough and stripped of it's oils. I feel that I definitely have to follow the bar with a good conditioner or my hair will dry frizz and rough.
Lush Shampoo Bar in "Lullaby"
Honey I Washed My Hair:
Made with the beloved Honey I Washed the Kids scent (one of my favorite scent from Lush), Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar is created with real honey and bergamot oil. Unfortunately, the classic scent is a bit lost in this bar as I smell mostly the bergamot, which is very refreshing and invigorating.
Again, after I used this shampoo, I feel like my hair didn't receive the smoothing and moisturizing effect it so desperately needs. I found myself immediately reaching for a conditioner after rinsing out the shampoo. I tried using the bar alone but my hair ended up becoming super tangly and rough.
Lush Shampoo Bar in "Honey I Washed My Hair"
I love Lush but these two shampoo bars are just not my cup of tea. I recall really enjoying the Ultimate Shine bar years ago so I'm not sure if it's the formulation that's different or the fact that my hair got so much more damaged over the years. Nevertheless, these bars smell lovely and are perhaps better suited for those with healthier hair.
Have you tried the Lush Shampoo Bars? What are your thoughts? Share with me in the comments below, thanks for reading!

Lush is available online and in stores at Lush Boutiques.
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