Thursday, March 5, 2015

THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Collection: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
If you are into Korean beauty and skin care, you must be aware of the fact that THEFACESHOP has become widely available in North America. Quite a few locations opened in Canada recently and the products can be purchased through the Canadian online store. So today, I want to share my thoughts on the brand's new THEFACESHOP Mango Seed skin care line. To find out what's special with this line, click.......
Designed for dry skin, the Mango Seed collection uses mango seed extracts that are full of vitamin A and C. The products provide twenty four hour hydration and stimulate skin cell renewal. The line features a wide range of products but today I want to introduce three star products.

Oil to Foam Cleanser ($15 CAD):
This is a cleansing oil/foaming cleanser duo that removes makeup and any other impurities from the skin. Applied on dry skin, the cleanser does have a cleansing oil texture but even without adding water, it will lather and foam lightly. After massaging it all over dry skin using dry hands, the cleanser is to be lathered and rinsed off with warm water.
The first thing I noticed about the cleanser is its lovely and subtle fruity mango scent. The product can remove most waterproof makeup and it leaves the skin feeling very soft and hydrated after washing. Additionally, I just love how it lathers so nicely on the skin. I am not a facial cleanser fanatic but this one got me pretty excited!
Mango Seed Oil to Foam Cleanser
Silk Moisturizing Toner ($26 CAD):
A "bi-phasic" toner, this toner has two layers. The aqueous layer moisturizes and the milky layer softens. Before each use, the toner is to be shaken vigorously so the two layers mix. Housed in a elegant frosted glass bottle equipped with a pump dispenser, the toner has a really delicious mango scent. This toner to me feels more like a liquid lotion because it is very moisturizing. I have fairly oily skin so when I use this I really don't think I need an additional moisturizer. Hence, I really recommend this to those with dry skin. Paired with a good moisturizer (see below), this will provide hours and hours of hydration.
Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Toner
Glow Date-Prep Butter ($32):
The name/intended use of this product is quite interesting. Described as a face butter that instantly hydrates and radiates the skin, the Glow Date-Prep is to be applied before makeup. The butter is said to provide a even base that helps makeup stay on better and look fresher throughout the day.
However, to me this is very much a day or night cream, depending on your skin type. The formulation is quite thick and rich and for me it's definitely a heavier night cream. I only have to apply very little with the included spatula to get long lasting hydration.
Additionally, the butter comes in the nicest jar. Instant love!
Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter
This is a solid collection with such a lovely scent and long lasting hydration. I recommend the Oil to Foam Cleanser to anyone that enjoys cleansing oils but prefers to also use a foaming cleanser after the oil. It deeply cleans, removes all traces of makeup (including most waterproof eye products), and leaves behind no oily residue.
Both the toner and the butter are very much made for dry to very dry skin. So if rich, long lasting hydration is what you need, definitely check these out in stores (ask for a sample too) or online!

THEFACESHOP is available in stores and online.
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