Friday, April 24, 2015

Calvin Klein Reveal Men Eau de Toilette Spray: Review

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Calvin Klein Reveal Men Eau de Toilette Spray: Review
Released Summer 2014, Calvin Klein Reveal was definitely one of my favorite scents of all time. In fact, I featured it in my favorites of the year post. So it was just a matter of time before I tried and fell in love with Calvin Klein Reveal Men ($72 CAD for 50ml or $92 CAD for 100ml). Much like Reveal for women, Reveal Men is a bit of sweet, a bit of spicy, and a whole lot of sexy. To read more about this scent, click......
Calvin Klein Reveal Men Eau de Toilette Spray: Review
The Bottle:
Just like the face of this scent (Charlie Hunnam), the bottle for Reveal Men is intensely masculine and totally suave at the same time. Featuring a rounded flattened glass bottle with the fragrance tinted a light grey, Reveal has a huge reflective gunmetal cap. I totally forgot to photograph the bottle without its cap but the glass actually extends into the cap to increase the capacity of the bottle.

The Scent:
Top Notes: Pear, brandy, ginger, mastic (plant resin), melon
Heart Notes: Suede, sage, agave, salt
Base Notes: Tonka beans, vetiver, amber

For a man's fragrance, Reveal Men is surprisingly sweet and warm. Initially, I get a lot of the spicy ginger mixed with a bit of fruity pear. But those two notes soon fade to "reveal" the warm and sweet agave nectar, tonka beans, and amber. Despite the overall sweet scent profile, Reveal Men still conveys a sense of strong masculine feel with a salty undertone. I personally would wear this for myself because I love warm and sweet fragrances. However, I can see it working very well on men with a pension for something welcoming that doesn't smell like your generic sporty cologne.

Calvin Klein fragrances are available online and in stores at The Bay, Shoppers, and London Drugs.
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