Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Top 40: My Favorite Products from 2014

Seeing now that 2014 is almost over, it's worth taking a look back at some of the products I've reviewed this year and pick out my favorites. This was a big year, I've written over 500 posts so there were a ton of products to choose from! I've narrowed it down to 40 items, ranging over skin care, makeup, fragrances, and hair. To see what made the cut, click.......
Face & Cheek Makeup
One of the best BB Cream I've tried, amazing price too!

So beautiful! Dreamy formulation too.

Cutest packaging and amazing value.

Best eye concealer, no creasing or smudging!

Best everyday mauve-y rose, my go-to blush ever since I got it.

Crazy smooth and creamy formulation.

Finely milled, lightweight, and translucent.

Filled with tiny gold specks that look super pretty over the lids.

Lip Products
Gorgeous formulation and great color selection.

Finally had a chance to try these guys and now I see what all the hype is about.

Hands down the best lip release of the year. Color, shine, comfort, and longevity. I wore these more than any other lip products this year!

Incredibly pigmented, smooth, and bold, definitely the best high-end lipstick release.

Lightweight and packed with rich pigmentation, best drugstore lipstick release.

Weightless and textureless lip stain, such an underrated product.

Eye Makeup
Most luxurious palette of the year.

The palette of every girly girl's dream!

Beautiful color selection, superb formulation and great matte options.

Can't have one without the other!

Most pigmented shadows I've tried from the drugstore!

Must-have for any UD lover.

Nail Polishes
The swatch speaks for itself!

I am a sucker for matte glitters so this is right up my alley.

The metallic end is amazing for stamping.

Unique green for green polish lovers, great formulation too!

Hair & Body
Best shampoo/conditioner system I've tried this year. The line makes my hair feel so strong and silky!

Great hairspray! Provides strong hold with no crunchiness.

Best dry shampoo I've tried, very volumizing too!

Beautiful packaging and luxurious quality.

The only product I've tried that really prevents ingrown hair!

A unique, gentle, and thorough way to cleanse the skin.

Deeply moisturizing, this serum keeps my skin hydrated for hours and hours.

Cleansing my face has never been the same! Cannot live without this device anymore.

Great matte moisturizer that delays shine.

So refreshing and cooling, such a great toner!

Very interesting beauty oil that didn't feel as greasy as most other ones on the market.

Most yummy smelling shower bar. Melts on the skin and oh so moisturizing.

A warm and comforting floral, very unique and refreshing as well.

A tropical and summery vanilla/coconut-y floral.

Sweet peach with a tinge of ginger.

Sensual and sweet ambergris mixed with salt & pink pepper.

P.S. I totally forgot to include the Mont Bleu glass nail filers. These are a game changer! I started using them since this summer and they are still just like new!
So what are some of your favorites for 2014? Share with me in the comments below!
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