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Dior Homme Cologne Eau de Toilette: Review

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Dior Homme Cologne Eau de Toilette: Review
Released in 2013, Dior Homme Cologne ($77 CAD for 75ml or $106 for 125ml) is a clean, simple, and elegant scent for men with only three distinct notes. Originally with the actor Jude Law as the face, the scent is now being embodied by the beloved (by millions of Twilight fans) Robert Pattinson. So what does Robert Pattinson smell like when he's not portraying a brooding vampire? Read on to find out......
New Dior Homme Cologne campaign with Robert Pattinson as the face of the scent,
click here to check out the promotional short film made for the campaign.
The Bottle:
Dior Homme Cologne comes in a very modern rectangular glass bottle. The sides of the bottle are tinted smoky white for an interesting effect. The shiny silver spray nozzle etched with the Dior logo peaks through the clear acrylic cap and a long white cylindrical design extends into the bottle. The design reminds me of a beach house, it's got that sleek and clean feel. It's weird but just looking at the bottle evokes in my head the smells of salt water, the gentle feel of sea breeze on the skin and the sounds of waves crashing against the sand. I guess that's what a good bottle design can do, right?
The Scent:
With only three notes- Calabrian bergamot from southern Italy, essence of grapefruit blossom and a dash of white musk for a powdery warmth- Dior Homme Cologne, in my opinion, is very unisex. The initial spritz is full of citrus freshness and after about half an hour, the scent mellows to a sweet floral with a soft cozy warmth from the musk. With the plethora of scents using over 10, 15 different notes, Dior Homme Cologne's simplicity is quite charming. It's clean and fun, perfect for guys (and gals) who wants to smell nice but not perfume-y. If you are on a hunt for a fresh summer scent, I definitely recommend giving this a sniff!

Dior Homme Cologne is available at The Bay, Holt Renfrew, and Dior online.
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