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Thierry Mugler Angel The New Star Eau de Parfum: Review

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Thierry Mugler Angel, originally launched in 1992, is arguably one of the most polarizing fragrance on the perfumery market. Boasting with over 30 notes, this perfume garners a strong love or hate reaction from scent connoisseurs. Despite that, its fan base is big and most Angel bottles are designed to be refillable (because people love it that much).
Very new for 2015, Thierry Mugler has released one of the most beautiful Angel bottles to date. The Angel New Star Eau de Parfum ($158 CAD for 75ml), also dubbed the "Gravity Star", is a true work of art. I honestly fondled this bottle for several minutes when I first got it because I was just in awe of the mesmerizing and unusual design. What you see above is only one face of the bottle! To get an idea of the beauty of this perfume, click......
The New Star with Georgia May Jagger as the face of Angel
The Bottle:
This is definitely one of those bottles you have to see in person. The design has so many different facets that you really need to hold it in your hands to appreciate the complexity and intricacy. But nevertheless, here we go.
Tinted with a light shade of blue, Angel is housed in a glass bottle that's also slightly tinted blue. The bottom of the bottle is a three dimensional, asymmetrical star and the rest of the body (including the cap) looks like the tail of a shooting star. Both the neck of the bottle and the tip of the cap is decorated with silver zamak (a type of metal alloy) and by looking from top down, the bottle still looks like an asymmetrical star. The design can be rested on one of its many sides or one of the flattened edges on the bottom.
Obviously, with a bottle this beautiful (and difficult to make, Thierry Mugler claimed to have defied the laws of glassmaking with this bottle), people will want to treasure it forever. Hence, the bottle is actually refillable. The spray nozzle can be easily unscrewed and the bottle can be refilled with eco-refills from "The Source".
The New Star sideview

The New Star baseview
The Scent:
Just as interesting as the new bottle is the 23-year-old scent itself. I think if you are someone who's tried a lot of fragrances before, you'll still find that Angel stands out clearly from the crowd. Made with pretty much every perfume ingredient under the sun, Angel is sweet with its fruity dessert theme but also insanely earthy due to the heavy dose of patchouli.

Top Notes: Melon, coconut, mandarin, cassia, bergamot, jasmine, and cotton candy.
Heart Notes: Honey, appricot, blackberries, plum, orchid, peach, jasmine, 
lily of the valley, red berries, and rose.
Base notes: Tonka beans, amber, patchouli, white musk, vanilla, chocolate, caramel.

I'm not going to lie, this scent is not my cup of tea. In fact, after just ten minutes of wear I was already experiencing a mild headache and I swear that's never happened with any other scent. Angel is unapologetically strong and its scent seems to last forever! Upon first whiff my nose is delighted with an almost christmas-y melange of berries, chocolate, candy and flowers. However, almost immediately afterwards, the patchouli kicks in. I know a lot of people have a very love-or-hate relationship with patchouli and I personally quite enjoy its earthiness but the amount of patchouli in Angel is simply overwhelming! Also mixed with the sweets and fruits and florals and musk and amber, the patchouli proved to be just too much. With that said, Angel has a large following, people that love it really love it. Something so legendary and classic needs to be experienced in person so if you haven't already, go smell this next time you are in stores and tell me what you think!
The New Star topview
The Angel New Star refillable Eau de Parfum is available online and in stores at select The Bay.
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