Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Saje AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer: Review

Disclaimer: Product was received as a gift.
Saje AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer: Review
Last month, the Saje store on Robson Vancouver had a huge party and as a lucky attendee, I got to bring home one of the brand's beloved Nebulizers. A diffuser, a humidifier and an air purifier all bundled into one device, the Saje Nebulizers works beautifully with the Saje diffuser selections to make any home environment more relaxing and cheerful. I've been using the AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer ($129.95 CAD) paired with the Happiness Diffuser Blend Collection ($39.95 CAD) for a couple of weeks now and I am totally in love. To learn more, click......
The AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer comes in two colors: black and white. I have here the black; the machine features a ceramic top exterior and the rest of the nebulizer is plastic. The water reservoir holds about 300mL of water and there is an inner plastic cap underneath the cermatic dome. The device is surprisingly lightweight and it's about the size of a large coconut (I can't think of a better comparison, haha). There is a rim of LED light around the nebulizer that changes color (or stays on one color, depending on your liking), I think it's a nice addition and can work very well as a nightlight for those that use nightlights. The nebulizer is powered by a power adaptor.

How It Works:
At the bottom of the water tank, there is a small vibrator that vibrates at a very high frequency, causing the bonds between the water molecules to break, freeing them and allowing them to rise as a vapour out of the top spout. Using the nebulizer as a simple humidifier is fine but it gets way better when you add in a few drops of the Saje diffuser essential oils. Within seconds, the atmosphere will be filled with the scent of your choosing.
For the AromaOm Deluxe (one of the many Nebulizer models Saje carroes), it has several timer options: 1 hour (turns off after one hour), 3 hours (turns off after three hours), and on (turns off automatically when the tank goes empty). There are two intensity settings, controlling how much vapor comes out of the nebulizer. On low the running time is around 20 hours and on high the running time is about 7.5. I like to put it on high just because I love all the scents and I want as much of it as possible. The fact that it has auto-shut off means I can just leave it on when I am sleeping at night. The machine is very quiet, there is a tiny whirling sound and the calming gurgling of water.
Saje AromaOm Deluxe Nebulizer: Review
Adding a few drops of Saje Diffuser Blend
Saje offers individual diffuser blends and various mini diffuser sets. I've been using the Happiness Diffuser Blend Set which features four cheery, mostly citrus scents.
Happiness Diffuser Blend Set
Here is the nebulizer in action:
I have not been this in love with a product in a long, long time! I love that it works as a humidifier in addition to being a diffuser so not only does it fill the room with an amazing natural scent, it also reduces dryness and allergens in the air. Saje offers quite a few nebulizers of different sizes and styles and they often have quite large discounts on them as well. I cannot wait to try out more diffuser blends!

Saje is available online and in stores at Saje Boutiques.
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