Monday, April 27, 2015

The Body Shop Matte Kajal Eyeliners: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
New from The Body Shop for Summer 2015 are two Kajal eyeliners with a modern matte finish. Infused with black rose water and marula oil, the Matte Kajal Eyeliners ($15 CAD) promise amazing pigmentation and an ultra-smooth application. To see some swatches and my review of these liners, click......
The Body Shop Matte Kajal Eyeliner
The Matte Kajals come in a nice curvy crayon form. The entire kajal is exposed when the clear cap is removed so there is no twist-up mechanism. The kajal is really nice to hold but I don't like that the whole kajal is completely extended. I have to be super careful when putting on and taking off the cap because I am afraid that the kajal tip might break from an accidental bump.
The Body Shop Matte Kajal Eyeliner
Available in a simple matte white and matte black, these kajal liners swatch really nicely on the back of the hand. Creamy, pigmented, they glide effortlessly across the skin. However, when I tried them on the eyes, the pigmentation just isn't as intense (particularly with the white) and I had to go over each swipe a few times for a nice opaque look.
I know that kajal is intended to be smudged for a smoky intense effect but the wear of these is just not for me. Within minutes, there was creasing and smudging and eventually the colors transferred to the under-eye area, resulting in the dreadful raccoon eye look. With that said, I've never really tried a kajal that I found long-lasting and non-smudging so these are no worse than ones I've tried in the past.
The Body Shop Matte Kajal Eyeliner
Here I tried to do a graphic look with the two shades. The look turned out pretty nice but the black quickly smudged into the white, which also started to crease quite a bit. Also, as you may or may not be able to notice, I applied a bit of the white on my waterline but the color quickly disintegrated even before I could get a picture of it.
Wearing both the black and white Matte Kajal Eyeliner
I've finally concluded that kajals are just not for me. I like long-lasting, smudge-proof eyeliners that are opaque in one swipe and these just aren't it. If you are accustomed to using kajals though, I think you would enjoy these as they are creamy and smudgy.

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