Monday, May 25, 2015

Formula X The Technicolor Silks Nail Polish Collection: Review and Swatches

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Formula X The Technicolor Silks Collection: Review and Swatches
For Summer 2015, Formula X has released a collection of bright, iridescent shades perfect for the warm weather to come. Available in six frosty shades, The Technicolor Silks ($16 CAD each) all have a slight duochrome effect. To see some swatches, click.......

This is a bright orange filled with duochrome pink/golden shimmers. The pigmentation is super saturated, I almost got away with one coat but I used two coats anyway. The finish has a nice sheen but it's not glossy.
Groovy: Two coats with no top coat.
Next up is a pretty lilac with a slight iridescent blue duochrome effect. This one is quite sheer. I used three coats for the swatches below. The polish isn't difficult to work with, but it took quite a while to dry.
Dazed: Three coats with no top coat.
A pale shimmery yellow with a subtle green/pink duochrome, this one is also very sheer. After three coats, the polish still looks a bit patchy.
Hallucinate: Three coats and no top coat.
A gorgeous mermaid seafoam green with purple and blue iridescence, this shade was surprisingly sheer. I had to use three coats but I do love the color.
Sublime: Three coats with no top coat.
This is a lovely hot pink. The duochrome effect on this one is the weakest. In terms of formulation though, this one is very pigmented, much like Groovy. I used two coats for the swatches below.
Fantasy: Two coats with no top coat.
All of these are frosty shimmers with a slight duochrome effect. Formula X describes these to have a "silk finish" but these really all just have a regular finish. The formulation is quite sheer for some of the colors so if you don't like applying more than two coats of polish, stick with shades like Groovy and Fantasy.

Formula X is available online and in stores at Sephora.
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