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Lise Watier Summer 2015 Rivages Collection Part II: Rouge Sublime, 24Hr Glam Eyeshadow, Smokey Kohl Velours & Blush Fondant Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm back today with part two of the Lise Watier Summer 2015 Rivages Collection. To check out part one, featuring the gorgeous eyeshadow palette and the powder bronzer, click here.
In addition to the palette and the powder, the collection includes three new shades of Rouge Sublime ($23 CAD), two new shades of Blush Fondant Supreme ($30 CAD), one new shade of 24Hr Glam Eyeshadow ($23 CAD), and a new shade of Smokey Kohl Velours ($21 CAD). Additionally, the collection includes the Magic Lip Color Enhancer ($24 CAD), a lipgloss from the permanent range. To see some swatches, click......
For Part I of the review, click here.
Lise Watier Rivages Collection
Smokey Kohl Velours in "Nude Velours":
A new shade of the creamy eyeliner, "Nude Velours" is a light ivory nude perfect for highlighting the waterline. The formulation is pigmented and creamy but not so slick that it doesn't stay put. With a matte finish, the liner sets almost immediately so it's not suitable for blending and smudging.
The liner requires sharpening when dull and it has a sponge/rubber smudger on the other end.
Smokey Kohl Velours in "Nude Velours"
24Hrs Glam Eyeshadow in "Sexy Glam" ($23 CAD):
The Rivages Collection features a new limited edition shade ("City Glam") of the 24Hrs Glam Eyeshadow. The 24Hrs Glam Eyeshadow crayons feature a ridiculously long-lasting formulation that's also pigmented and creamy. The pencil comes with a mini plastic sharpener at the bottom which can be taken off to sharpen the crayon tip.
"Sexy Glam" is a gorgeous pale pearl pink with tons of shimmers. These shadow crayons set very quickly so if you want to blend the colors, do it quickly before they set for good.
24Hrs Glam Eyeshadow in "Sexy Glam"
Blush Fondant Supreme in "Sand" ($30 CAD):
Infused with the signature Lise Watier Labrador tea extract, the Blush Fondant Supreme is a cream-to-powder blush that comes in a glass jar. The shade "Sand" is a simple, wearable, neutral rose. The pigmentation is decently pigmented and highly blendable. However, I am not a fan of the wear, the blush does not seem to really hold on to the skin and thus rubs off easily.
An additional brighter rose called "Shell" is also a new limited edition shade for the Rivages Collection.
Blush Fondant Supreme in "Sand"
Arm swatches of the Smokey Kohl Velour | 24Hrs Glam Eyeshadow | Blush Fondant Supreme
Rouge Sublime in "Ginger" & "Armour" ($23 CAD):
New for Summer 2015, Lise Watier released three new shades of its beloved Rouge Sublime Lipsticks. I have here "Ginger", a flattering spiced light brown nude and "Armour", a soft rose cream. The pigmentation of both is very creamy and nicely pigmented. The colors have a moisturizing natural finish with a subtle sheen. The wear is decent as these two colors are lighter shades.
Rouge Sublime in "Armour" & "Ginger"
Rouge Sublime in "Armour" & "Ginger"
Rouge Sublime in "Armour"
Rouge Sublime in "Ginger"
Magic Lip Color Enhancer ($24 CAD):
A permanent product being repromoted for the Rivages Collection, Magic Lip Color Enhancer is an awesome lip gloss that applies clear and changes to a light pink as a result of the lip's pH level.
The gloss is super light, not at all sticky and very moisturizing. The color also stains, leaving behind a lovely pink tint when the shine wears off.
Lise Watier Magic Lip Color Enhancer
The gloss comes with an interesting silicone paddle tip that dispenses the product through a tiny opening. There is also a twist-up mechanism that pushes the product into the dispenser.
The color of the gloss changes within ten or so minutes.
Lise Watier Magic Lip Color Enhancer

Lise Watier Magic Lip Color Enhancer
These additional items from the Rivages Collection are all pretty wonderful. I really like the light nude liner as it's an amazing eye brightener when applied on the waterline. The Magic Lip is also pretty darn cool, it's definitely worth checking out.

The Summer 2015 Collection is available now in stores at London Drugs and online.

For Part I of the review, click here.
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