Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates New Westminster

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending another Tasting Plates Vancouver event hosted by Vancouver Foodster and this time we explored the delicious eats at New Westminster. I rarely come to New West as it's quite far from home but each time I venture to this part of Metro Vancouver, I discover something new. The troop together visited a total of five locations. To see what we ate (and drank), click.......
For those that are unfamiliar with Tasting Plates, here is a little background. Tasting Plates Vancouver are tasting events held at various neighborhoods in Vancouver. During each event, you get a map and a guide and visit various pre-set locales to try out a sampler menu that best showcases the restaurant, bar, or cafe.

Truffles Fine Foods:
First up, we tried out a selection of bites from Truffles, a cafe-style restaurant that started out as a catering service. Truffles recently opened up two new locations in Vancouver: one on Davie St in Downtown and one inside the Anvil Centre in New West. The New West locale is actually still under construction so for the Tasting Plates Event, the team set up a pop-up stand to deliver us some fresh concoctions.
Truffles Fine Foods
We tried a grilled crostini with prosciutto, a watermelon/beet/feta/basil skewer, and a white chocolate pudding dessert. The prosciutto was quite flavorful, but the crostini was a bit damp. The beets and feta on the skewer paired nicely, but the star of the show was definitely the dessert. The white chocolate pudding had a light and creamy texture; mixed with the oreo crumble on the bottom and the fresh raspberry on top, it was just heavenly on the taste buds.
Amazing White Chocolate dessert from Truffles.
Fratelli Bakery:
Next up, we ventured to what is known as the best Italian bakery in town. With another location on Commercial Drive, Fratelli serves up freshly baked Italian pastries such as cannolis and biscottis.
The bakery had a beautiful display set up and we each took away a box filled with some of their bestsellers.
We tried the lemon cream puff, the pistachio macaron, ricotta cannoli, whip cream cannoli, custard cannoli, espresso almond biscotti dipped in chocolate, and cranberry biscotti. It's not really worth going into the details because everything tasted amazing. Fratelli is known for their cannolis, but I was quite surprised by how good the macarons were. It easily beats out some of the well-known french bakeries in town!
A selection of goods from Fratelli.
The Heritage Grill:
This is a funky pub style eatery that offered us some savory bites. We tried the bruschetta, chicken quesadilla, stuffed mushroom, steak bites, and mini crab tostadas. There were some big inconsistencies between each plate as my steak bites were cold and tough while my friend's was warm and tender. My stuffed mushrooms were creamy and bouncy while my friend's were dry and shriveled up. Although I'm not sold on the food. I quite enjoyed the atmosphere. There was even a live band playing some folksy music that night!
The Heritage Grill
Old Crow's Coffee Co.:
Up next is an earthy, hip cafe located right next to the rail track. The place is absolutely adorable and we tried the affogato and macchiato. I'm not a coffee connoisseur but even with ice cream mixed in, the espresso inside the affogato was way too bitter and acrid. The macchiato, on the other hand, is nice and foamy.
The cafe itself had a nice vibe, but I think we were all a bit thrown off by the service. I don't know if there were some sort of miscommunication, but the servers only offered to serve us one drink each. Only when we asked if we were in fact allowed to taste two drinks (as listed on the tasting menu), did they reluctantly and dismissively agree to make us more.
Old Crow's Coffee Co.
Steel & Oak Brewing Co.:
Now this next place made me wish I liked beer. With a hip and relaxed atmosphere (the servers were all super friendly), Steel & Oak serves up a large variety of house-brewed beers. We were treated with a generous sampling of the Royal City Ale, Red Pilsner, Dry Hopped ESB, and Smoked Hefeweizen.
My companions that enjoy beer really liked the selections we tried; I was told that the Smoked Hefeweizen actually has a very smoky taste.
Steel & Oak Brewing Co.
Frankie G's Boilerhouse Pub:
Last up for the night, we visited quite a spacious pub called Frankie G's. We tried the chorizo slider and the crispy fried bocconcini. The chorizo was super tasty and juicy while the bocconcini is melty and crispy at the same time. Do be careful when cutting open the bocconcini as mine exploded all over my jacket and hair!
This pub also offers shuttle service to help its patrons get home safely.
Frankie G's Pub
Overall I had a lovely time. I can't wait for Truffles to open and I'd definitely return to Fratelli for more of everything!
The next Tasting Plates event will be happening on June 10th from 6-10pm in the Cambie Village neighborhood, get your tickets now before they run out!
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