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New Dior Diorshow 5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palettes: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Coming this June, Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palettes ($63 CAD) are inspired by professional looks and techniques used by runway backstage experts. Each palette comes with five curated shades, including a gel liner, that makes applying eye makeup a breeze. With six new palettes, the range features an array of silky and sheer shadows that allow for a customized application. To see some swatches and my thoughts my the palettes, click......

Dior 5 Couleurs Design Eyeshadow Palettes
The Dior 5 Couleurs Design palettes come in dark blue compacts bearing the Dior logo. The inside comes with a mirror and two duo-ended shadow and liner applicators (one made of bristles and the other sponge). The palette comes with a dustbag as the compact easily picks up fingerprints and smudges.
I've never been a fan of compacts that contain both creams  (gel liner in this case) and shadows in the same compartment and I feel no differently about these. The gel liners are more prone to drying out and the shadow fallouts also tend to end up in the cream product.
Dior 5 Couleurs Design Eyeshadow Palettes
Overall, the Dior shadows have a sheer formulation. Unlike the ultra creamy, buttery shadows often found from brands like Urban Decay or Too Faced, these Diorshow 5 Couleurs Designer shadows have a drier but still silky texture. The sheer formulation offers a lot of versatility but if you prefer the intensely pigmented, one swipe and go type of look, these probably won't do. However, if you like the softer, more natural office-friendly look, these are definitely more suitable.

The gel liner in each palette dries out pretty quickly. Even after one use, I noticed the patch that I have dipped into has hardened noticeably. Additionally, the formulation is not great; the liners are not at all smudge-proof.

Each palette comes with a base shadow, an all-over shade, a crease color (dark shimmer/metallic), a highlighter (pure sparkles), and a matte gel liner.

208 Navy Design:
Base: White satin with subtle pale gold sparkles.
All-over: Periwinkle with iridescent shimmers.
Crease: Smoky navy with iridescent shimmers.
Highlight: Silvery blue iridescent glitter. This shade is mostly glitters with no base pigmentation; the texture is quite fine and not at all gritty.
Liner: Dark navy black, the formulation is quite smooth but not smudge-proof.
208 Navy Design
208 Navy Design
718 Taupe Design:
Base: Pale peach nude satin with pale gold sparkles.
All-over: Shimmery taupe-beige. Very smooth and creamy.
Crease: Dark taupe brown shimmer.
Highlight: Pale gold glitters.
Liner: Dark chocolate brown. Again, the liner is smooth and pigmented but not smudge-proof.
718 Taupe Design
718 Taupe Design
308 Khaki Design:
Base: Pale peach satin wth subtle iridescent sparkles (very similar to the base from Taupe Design).
All-over: Pale shimmery green.
Crease: Dark smoky green shimmer. This is the most pigmented shadow of all the palettes, the texture is just spectacular.
Highlight: Pale gold glitter. The glitter count of this shade is amazing, it is jam-packed to the brim with sparkles.
Liner: Dark inky green. The formulation is not as opaque and again, not smudge-proof.
308 Khaki Design
308 Khaki Design
508 Nude Pink Design:
Base: Pale baby pink satin with iridescent sparkles.
All-over: Rosy light brown shimmer.
Crease: Taupe brown iridescent shimmer.
Highlight: Pale golden pink glitters.
Liner: Chocolate brown gel liner. The formulation is nice and pigmented but not smudge-proof.
508 Nude Pink Design
508 Nude Pink Design
808 Purple Design:
Base: Warm pale pink with iridescent sparkles.
All-over: Pale orchid shimmer.
Crease: Soft purple shimmer.
Highlight: Pale pink iridescent glitter with no base pigmentation.
Liner: Dark eggplant. This one is a bit sheer and streaky; the formulation is also not smudge-proof.
808 Purple Design
808 Purple Design
These five are all decent shadow palettes, but none of them make me fall head-over-heel, especially given the steep price tag. With the exception of Khaki Design, which features a really pigmented dark green, all the other palettes' shadows are soft and sheer colors that don't really pack a bunch. Additionally, the liners within these palettes are disappointing as the formulation is not at all smudge-proof.

The Diorshow 5 Couleurs Design palettes will be available at Dior counters nationwide starting June 2015.
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