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Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2015 Eau de Parfum Spray: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2015 Eau de Parfum Spray: Review
I always find it pretty amazing that Calvin Klein releases a new version of many of its well-known fragrances each year. I, for the longest time, thought that my 2008 CK One Summer was the only version that existed! The new 2015 Eternity Summer Eau de Parfum Spray ($95 CAD for 100ml) boasts mouth-watering fruity floral notes mixed with a dash of warm sandalwood and musk. To read more about this fragrance, click......
The Bottle:
Eternity Summer comes in a tall, rectangular glass bottle. The bottle has a subtle and elegant ombre tint that goes from a soft peach to a deep periwinkle. The shiny silver nozzle cap adds that classic Eternity feel to the otherwise very summery bottle design.
Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2015 Eau de Parfum Spray: Review
Calvin Klein Eternity Summer (2015)
The Scent:
Top Notes: Pear, mandarin oranges, watermelon
Heart Notes: Peony, water lily, hyacinth
Base Notes: Sandalwood, white amber, musk

Upon first whiff, Eternity Summer feels like the quintessential summer fragrance. The watermelon note is the strongest amongst all the fruits. The lily comes through nicely as well. The scent is light and fresh without the typical bergamot citrus notes. The wear of this, however, is seriously disappointing. After no more than half an hour, the scent becomes barely a whisper. I get that summer scents are intended to be lighter, but this one could definitely use some lasting power.
Overall, this is a nice, light summer scent. It's not too unique or ground-breaking, but if you dig the bottle, it's worth picking up.

Calvin Klein fragrances are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay, Sears, Murale, London Drugs, and Rexall across Canada.
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