Monday, September 7, 2015

New Fresh Face Masks from Lush: Cup O' Coffee, Don't Look At Me & Rosy Cheeks Review

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and the products featured were provided for review.
Lush is all about freshness and there is nothing fresher than the brand's fresh face masks. For Fall 2015, Lush is adding three new totally buzzworthy fresh face masks to its range. To read a bit about Cup O' Coffee ($10.95 CAD), Rosy Cheeks ($12.95 CAD), and Don't Look At Me ($10.95 CAD), click.......
The fresh face masks from Lush are available in recyclable black plastic tubs of a few different sizes. Depending on the ingredients, the mask may or may not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Also, Lush has a recycling program that allows you to redeem five empty black tubs for one free tub of face mask.
Cup O' Coffee Fresh Face and Body Mask
Cup O' Coffee Fresh Body & Face Mask ($10.95 CAD for 150g):
Made with ground coffee, kaolin clay, and agave syrup, Cup O' Coffee has a super viscous honey-like texture with an amazing coffee scent. It's a bit tough to spread evenly on the skin but once it's on, it feels really nice and relaxing. The best part comes when a little bit of water is added to wash off the mask; it turns creamy and milky, making the coffee particles more effective and scrubby.
This is great for the face but I don't think the thicker texture is as appropriate for the body.

Rosy Cheeks ($12.95 for 60g):
If you love roses then you will love this gorgeous clay mask made with kaolin, calamine powder, rose petals, and rose oil. With a natural but potent rosy scent, Rosy Cheeks is a thick clay mask designed to soothe and calm the skin. Interestingly, the formulation is incredibly strong; it's super tingling and stingy even after I take it off. Although my skin didn't turn red, the tingling sensation was pretty intense so I'm not sure if this one is actually appropriate for sensitive skin.
Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask
Don't Look At Me ($10.95 CAD for 60g):
Made with kaolin, fresh lemon juice, ground white rice, and murumuru butter, Don't Look At Me is a dashing bright blue face mask designed to gently exfoliate and bright the complexion. This one feels nice and cooling on the face and it smells very lemony fresh. The rice particles are a bit rough so I wouldn't apply too much pressure when scrubbing but overall this is a nourishing mask that left my face soft and bright.
Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask
I've never really gotten into Lush masks in the past, but I quite enjoy these new additions. Cup O' Coffee is super rich and nourishing with a nice scrubby effect while Rosy Cheeks is very strong and tingly while leaving the face feeling clean and soft. Last but not least, Don't Look At Me is a crazy bright blue clay mask with a lemony fresh formulation that brightens and exfoliates the skin.

Cup O' Coffee is available online at Lush, Rosy Cheeks and Don't Look At Me are available online in stores at Lush Boutiques.
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