Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 Collection: Sneakpeek + Quick Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
It's that time of the year again and yes, I am referring to the release of the Lush Christmas Collection! To read a bit about a few festive picks such as "Shoot for The Stars", "Stardust", "Old Father Time", "Baked Alaska", and "Buche de Noel", click.......
Shoot for The Stars Bath Bomb
Shoot for The Stars Bath Bomb ($6.95 CAD):
Shimmery blue, yellow, white, with a surprise pink center, the Shoot for The Stars Bath Bomb is truly one of the most beautiful bath bombs when it fizzes around in the bath tub, leaving behind a dazzling streak of colors (much like a real shooting star). The bomb has a very intoxicating citrus and floral fragrance, mostly due to the bergamot and Brazillian orange oils. The bomb turns bath water a dark shimmery blue; the scent fades quite a bit once the bomb is dissolved, but there is still a subtle whiff of sweetness.
Stardust Bath Bomb
Stardust Bath Bomb ($5.25 CAD):
This is quite a special bath bomb to me because I actually got to hand-make it myself at this year's Lush Holiday celebration. This is a shimmery white star-shaped bath bomb with a surprise blue center mixed with tiny pieces of golden star glitters. Made with rosewood and bergamot oil, Stardust has a beautifully subtle vanilla and floral scent. This bath bomb is slightly smaller than most but it still gets the job done.

Old Father Time ($7.95 CAD for 100g):
Made with colorful and shimmery gear pieces set within a dark translucent base, Old Father Time has a very subtle but festive herbal scent. Made with fresh sage, thyme, red currant, and myrrh resin, this soap is bound to charm those that prefer a more sophisticated scent for their soaps. Lush soaps are made with rapeseed and coconut oil, so they won't leave your skin parched after showering.
Old Father Time Soap
Baked Alaska Soap
Baked Alaska Soap ($7.95 CAD for 100g):
Inspired by the classic ice cream and meringue dessert, the Baked Alaska Soap is a fresh breeze of citrus and florals. The citrus comes from lemon myrtle oil and grapefruit oil while the florals are made up of ylang-ylang and gardenia extract. I love the colorful design, the piece I got actually has a thin layer of textured white covering that mimics the meringue layer of Baked Alaskas.
Buche de Noel Face Cleanser
Buche de Noel Face Cleanser ($12.95 CAD for 100g):
Ah! Now aren't I ecstatic that Buche de Noel is back once again! Hands down one of my all time favorite products from Lush, Buche de Noel is a chunky facial cleanser made of ground almond, kaolin, and dried cranberry bits. This stuff smells like heaven and it almost doubles as a mild scrub. Also, I love the festive touch this year with the small holly decoration. If you are still curious about this cleanser, read my full review here.

Thanks for reading y'all! I'll be posting more individual reviews of a few more Lush Christmas goodies, so stay tuned!

Lush Christmas releases are available online and in stores at Lush.
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