Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lush Holiday 2015 Magic of Christmas Fun: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Before you jump to the conclusion that I have gone crazy and have decided to review play dough products instead of beauty products, let me introduce you to the Magic of Christmas Fun ($6.95 CAD) from Lush Christmas 2015. Released not too long ago, Fun from Lush is pretty much moldable, playdough-like cleanser for the body and hair. To read all about this fun product, click.......
Magic of Christmas Fun
Packaged in a biodegradable wrapper, the Magic of Christmas Fun has four differently-colored Fun: white, gold, pink, and blue. If you like having a little fun with your Fun (I apologize for all the puns), you can wet your hands and mold and create various figures out of the different colors. I used the Magic of Christmas Fun and made a long-bearded wizard (like the one in the Lush Christmas catalogs). The product can be quite crumbly so it's not the easiest "play dough" to work with, but if you have kids (or are a kid at heart) and have some time in your hands, these make some great playdough alternatives that you can actually use up.
Magic of Christmas Fun
To use Fun, you can crumple it up and run it in your bath water to create some great bubbles. I actually just take a small chunk and stick it to the bottom of my tub where the water stream hits the tub, this avoids the possible clean-up because I can simply remove whatever's leftover after the tub is filled up. In addition to bubble baths, Fun can also be used as a body wash or a shampoo. I have not tried it on my hair but I feel like this works best on the body.
So all in all, Fun is a very unique and fun product, especially if you have little ones that need a bit of encouragement to get squeaky in the bath or shower.

Lush Christmas releases are available online and in stores at Lush.
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