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Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Essential Kit: Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, the products featured were provided for review.
For the longest time, I used Paula's Choice as my go-to makeup and skin care encyclopedia (they provide great info and analysis on common beauty product ingredients). It wasn't until earlier this year that one of my friends raved about their products and how they are the only brand in his skincare routine. So when Pretty in My Pocket (PRIMP) offered me to try out some Paula's Choice products, I was pretty darn excited.
Before testing out any of the products though, I got on a quick phone consultation with a Paula's Choice skin experts (free for anyone who's interested) to determine which product range would work best for my oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. The knowledgeable consultant recommended to me the Skin Balancing Essential Kit ($85 CAD) and a few other new releases from the brand. I've been testing out the kit for the past several weeks and today I want to share with you my thoughts on the result. To read more, click.......
Skin Balancing Essential Kit
Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser:
The first of my favorites from this kit, the Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser is a very gentle and refreshing foaming cleanser. I've been pairing this with my Clarisonic for the past few weeks and I love how clean and soft it leaves my skin. I don't experience any dryness and yet my skin seems to stay shine-free for longer. There's nothing flashy about the cleanser, it's simple and it works as it claims!

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant:
A top best-seller from Paula's Choice, this is a 2% salicylic acid liquid exfoliant toner. With a slightly viscous (glycerin-like) consistency, the toner is also formulated with green tea extract. I personally am very sensitive to salicylic acid, which is why I pretty much resort to benzoyl peroxide when it comes to combatting acne. Naturally, this product did not work very well for me. After using this once a day for only two days (Paul's Choice recommends using it once or twice daily), I was experiencing a lot of dryness and sensitivity around my mouth, chin, and nose area. Yes, this product makes my skin feel smoother and more refined, but it's something I probably would only use once a week. And especially after discovering many products that use AHA that pretty much benefit my skin the same way, I personally would not opt for salicylic acid exfoliants.

Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel:
My second favorite from the set (and perhaps my favorite favorite) is this naturally mattifying and lightweight moisturizer. With a slightly thicker texture, the Invisible Finish Moisture Gels spreads smoothly on my skin and instantly provides a natural finish that combats oiliness and shine. The product is hydrating but it doesn't feel greasy or icky, in fact, once it fully absorbs (which happens within seconds), I really can't feel it at all. I love wearing this in the daytime, whether just by itself or under some concealer/makeup.

Skin Balancing Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30:
I love skincare with SPF but a big problem I experience with moisturizers containing SPF is that they tend to make my skin look oilier than it already is. Unfortunately, the Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense did the exact same thing to my skin. With a really runny formulation (definitely shake well before use), the product comes in a squeeze tube and a wide spout opening with a flip cap. Whenever I try to use this, the product overflows and gets the cap super messy. However, my biggest issue is how it almost instantly adds back the shine the Invisible Finish Moisture Gel takes away. I love me some UV protection but I really don't want that added shine, especially if I am topping it with makeup.

In addition to the Skin Balancing Essential Kit, I also received a few new releases from Paula's Choice. I haven't had a chance to really test them out as I've been sticking to the four products from the kit, but here is some info about them:

Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum ($32 CAD):
Made with retinol, grape seed extract, green tea, and chamomile, this is a lightweight serum that promises to protect the skin from everyday irritations. The texture is very smoothing so it's perfect for use under makeup as well.
Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream ($32 CAD):
With key ingredients like shea butter, bearberry extract, licorice root, and willow bark, the Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream actually comes in a small squeeze tube, which is not something I've seen before but it's actually very convenient (while also preserving the freshness of the product). The cream promises to smooth out fine lines and firm up the eye area.
Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster ($35 CAD):
The Paula's Choice skin expert recommended this product because although I have oily skin, I do experience some dry patches around my jaw line. Made with nine different plant oils such as primrose oil, cranberry seed oil, and argan oil, the Moisture Renewal Oil Booster can be used alone or mixed in with your daily moisturizer or serum.

Paula's Choice offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days), the brand does not do any animal testing nor do the ingredients contain irritating dyes or fragrances.
If you are ever interested, Paula's Choice offers completely FREE personal skincare phone consultations (1-800-831-4088). Their representative will ask about your skin type and areas of concern (dryness, acne, rosacea, aging, pores, etc.) and will make recommendations suited exactly for your skin.

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