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OPI Starlight Collection for Holiday 2015: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
For Holiday 2015, OPI has a massive 18-piece collection featuring a variety of shimmers and glitters inspired by the stars of our galaxies. Aptly named the Starlight Collection, the polishes range from jewel tones to textured glitters. Spot a shade (or ten) you like? Keep on reading to see my reviews and swatches.......
OPI Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection
Ro-Man-ce on the Moon:
This is a dark and rich shimmery red shimmer/frost. The formulation is smooth and opaque, I used two coats for the swatches below. I'm usually not a fan of shimmery reds but this one is really beautiful and regal.
Ro-Man-ce on the Moon, two coats with no top coat.
Let Your Love Shine:
A dark crimson red with flecks of fine bright red shimmers, Let Your Love Shine is slightly sheer but buildable to a gorgeous shine. The color has great depth but the formulation could be more opaque (although it's smooth and easy to apply).
Let Your Love Shine, three coats with no top coat.
Love is in My Cards:
This is a simple warm red cream. The formulation is smooth, buttery and opaque. It's almost a one-coater but I used two just in case.
Love is in my Cards, two coats with no top coat.
Guys & Galaxies:
This is a dark oxblood cream with a slightly sheer formulation. The color is very beautiful but usually a dark red like this only requires two coats so this one is a bit of a letdown.
Guys & Galaxies, three coats with no top coat.
I'm in the Moon for Love:
A warm plum with very fine shimmers, I'm in the Moon for Love has a lovely, smooth, and pigmented formulation. I'm not a fan of purples but I really appreciate the smoothness and opacity of this one.
I'm in the Moon for Love, two coats with no top coat.
Press * for Silver:
This is a rosy warm silver shimmer with a very nice formulation! Pigmented and buttery, Press * for Silver required only two coats because the polish is packed with shimmer particles.
Press * for Silver, two coats with no top coat.
I Drive a SuperNova:
Another big hit from the collection, I Drive a SuperNova is an incredibly opaque and bright silver metallic/shimmer. The polish is seriously reflective with a full coverage in two coats.
I Drive a SuperNova, two coats with no top coat.
By the Light of the Moon:
This is a silvery shimmer embedded with shiny silver medium and small hexagon glitters. This is a unique glitter and shimmer combination that I haven't really seen before, but I'm not sure it works very well as the glitters are almost completely masked by the silver shimmers, making them look more like unappealing bumps as opposed to shiny speckles. The formulation is very opaque though, I used two coats for the swatches below.
By the Light f the Moon, two coats with no top coat.
Comet Closer:
This is a sandy (both in terms of color and texture) golden shimmer sprinkled with subtle texture particles. The formulation is very easy to apply and dries to a slightly gritty finish. I used two coats with no top coat for the swatches below.
Comet Closer, two coats with no top coat.
Is This Star Taken?:
Another interesting polish from this lineup, Is This Star Taken? is a cool gold shimmer scattered with holographic mini bar-glitter. The combination is unique but the holographic bar glitters only shine when seen at a certain angle. As a result, this polish mostly appears like a dull gold with a strange and bumpy finish. I used two coats for the swatches below.
Is this Star Taken?, two coats with no top coat.
Super Star Status:
This is a very fun and festive textured polish with gold and silver glitters of various sizes. The formulation is actually quite sheer so I would recommend using it over a metallic or shimmery gold or silver base. I used around three to four coats on each nail for the swatches below to obtain an opaque coverage.
Super Star Status, three to four coats with no top coat.
Ce-less-tial is More:
A rose gold version of Super Star Status, this one is made of rose gold and holographic glitters. Again, the polish is fairly sheer so you need at least two to three coats to obtain a solid coverage. The textured finish is also slightly chunkier compared to Super Star Status.
Ce-less-tial is More, two to three coats with no top coat.
Center of the You-niverse:
A dark charcoal gray packed with micro-silver shimmers and small matte black hexagon glitters, this shade is very sheer. I used three coats for the swatches below. The color has an alluring depth but the black glitters kind of dries to a bumpy finish (a lot more noticeable in person). The polish is still shiny but I could do without the black glitters.
Center of You-niverse, three coats with no top coat.
No More Mr. Night Sky:
With my favorite name out of all the polishes, No More Mr. Night Sky is a stunning gray shimmer packed with iridescent particles that shift from silver to blue to teal. The formulation is slightly sheer but with three coats I was able to get a really nice and opaque finish.
No More Mr. Night Sky, three coats with no top coat.
Give Me Space:
Hands down the prettiest shade from the collection, Give Me Space is a lovely scatter holo shimmer with a slightly jelly-like blue base. The blue base is semi-translucent, which gives the polish depth. However, the formulation is sheer so I needed three coats to get the coverage seen in the photo below, which is still slightly sheer on some spots.
Give Me Space, three coats with no top coat.
Cosmo with A Twist:
A beautiful dark purple packed with duo-chrome blue/purple shimmer flecks, Cosmo with A Twist is quite sheer so I would recommend pairing it with a dark base. For the swatches below I used about three to four coats for an opaque coverage.
Cosmo with A Twist, three to four coats with no top coat.
Infrared-y to Glow:
A clear base filled with holographic hexagon glitters and chevron pink and gold glitters, Infrared-y to Glow is not great. The glitters are too sparse and the chevron glitters tend to clump together with one another. I used two thick coats for the swatches below and as you can see, there is still a ton of uncovered space.
Infrared-y to Glow, two coats over Guys & Galaxies.
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite:
Last but not least is another glitter topper with small pink hex glitters, pink chevron glitters, and large shiny gray diamond glitters. Again, the glitters are very sparse so you need to do a bit of glitter-fishing. I used two coats for the swatches below.
Two Wrongs Don't Make Meteorite, two coats over Press * for Silver.
This is a really great winter/holiday collection. There are tons of festive reds, beautiful blues, and fun glitters. My personal picks are: "Ro-Man-ce on the Moon" (shimmery deep red), "I Drive a SuperNova" (bright silver shimmer), "Give Me Space" (blue with holo shimmers), "Cosmo with a Twist" (deep purple with blue/purple duo-chrome shimmer flecks), and "No More Mr. Night Sky" (iridescent grey shimmer).

The OPI Starlight Collection is available now at select salons and The Bay.
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