Friday, December 18, 2015

The Body Shop Holiday 2015 Frosted Plum Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
The Body Shop always rolls out a couple of limited edition fragrance collections during the holiday times (remember Glazed Apple from last year?) and for this Christmas, the Frosted Plum Collection takes the center stage. To read about this new scent collection and a couple of gift options, click.......
Frosted Plum Feel Good Tin Gift Set
Frosted Plum Feel Good Tin Gift Set ($25 CAD):
Housed in an absolutely adorable plum-shaped tin that's about the size of a mini watermelon, the Frosted Plum Feel Good Tin Gift Set includes a mini shower gel, a shimmer lotion, a body butter, and a sugar scrub. The Frosted Plum is new for Holiday 2015 and everything in the collection has a potent sugary and tart plum scent. If you enjoy the sweeter fruity collections from The Body Shop, you are definitely going to love this one! Additionally, the Feel Good Tin Gift Set is available in the new Frosted Cranberry scent collection as well!
Frosted Plum Feel Good Tin Gift Set
Frosted Plum Bath Fizzers
Frosted Plum Bath Fizzers ($20 CAD):
Although The Body Shop is well-known for its bath and body products, the brand has never actually carried any bath fizzers before! Similar to bath bombs that fizz away to give the water a light tint of color and a whole lot of fragrance, the Frosted Plum Bath Fizzers include ten 30g cubes infused with sunflower seed oil and real plum fruit extract. These are strongly fragranced with a sweet and tart plum scent. I personally would use at least two or three cubes for each bath so the price works out to be about the same as Lush bath bombs. However, The Body Shop always have great sales so you can definitely get a pretty good deal on these.

The Body Shop is available in stores and online.
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