Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lush Movis Facial Soap: Review

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me.
Lush is definitely a daring innovator when it comes to skincare and bath products. So when I saw the Movis Facial Soap ($9.95 CAD), a strange face cleanser shaped like a slice of whole wheat bread, I knew I had to give it a try. Made with actual wholemeal bread, coconut oil, sugar, sunflower oil, wheatgerm oil, wheat bran, wheat germ, and cocoa butter, Movis promises to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin. To read all about it, click.......
Lush Movis Facial Soap
With a squishy and dense texture, Movis looks, feels, and even smells like a piece of baked good. I saw it at Lush and I just could not resist buying a slice. To my surprise, Movis actually lathers like any normal facial cleanser. The bread-like texture gently exfoliates as well, which feels very nice on the skin.
What I don't love is that the soap forms an oatmeal-like slurry on the face that seems to leave just the teeniest film of residue behind. Also, this stuff is messy. The wheat bran bits around the sides tend to fall off during use, littering my shower floor (this is definitely not a soap I would use at the sink). Eventually, the whole soap started to tear apart. As you can imagine, the dense, bready texture doesn't withstand rubbing very well.
Additionally, this soap is not great at removing makeup and since I can't really use it with my Clarisonic, I just don't see this as a regular everyday face cleanser. With that said, the soap didn't irritate the skin and it left my face feeling soft and cleansed.
Movis is certainly not the only unconventional face cleanser from Lush, but unlike the equally unique Buche de Noel, this one didn't win over my heart.


Lush is available online and in stores at Lush Boutiques.
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