Friday, February 12, 2016

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Quite popular in the late 90's and early 00's, Hard Candy is not a brand I'm personally familiar with. However, in the recent couple of years, the brand definitely seems to be making a comeback with its daring and affordable color makeup. Today I want to share with you some unique lipstick shades from Hard Candy's Fierce Effects Lipsticks Collection ($5.95 CAD). To see some swatches, click.......
Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipsticks
The Fierce Effects Lipsticks come in simple black lipstick tubes with a very pretty silver-studded cap. The top of the cap has a color window that matches the shade of the lipstick inside. Once uncapped, though, the lipsticks don't look great; the actual bullets are poorly formed and they just seem roughly-made. I mean for $5.98 CAD I am not expecting intricate patterns or pretty designs but these just didn't look very well-made.
Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipsticks
Despite the not too impressive packaging, the formulation of these is pretty great for the price point. With a slick and smooth formulation, all these Fierce Effects Lipstick shades have a very beautiful sheen and a translucent yet vibrant color. Moisturizing, cushiony, and super comfortable on the lips, the lipsticks' only downside is the smudge and transfer-prone wear due to the super slick and almost wet finish.
Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipsticks
1054 Black Diamond: Semi-sheer black with fine silver sparkles; this one is buildable and it's definitely one of the better black lipsticks I've tried.
1047 Glisten to Me: Soft orange gold metallic; this one has such a lovely formulation and pigmentation. The application is super smooth and the texture doesn't feel gritty,
1048 Galactica: Similarly formulated as Glisten to Me, this is a dusty rose metallic, another fantastic shade and my personal favorite out of the bunch.
1052 Show Off: Bright blue-toned red; this one is semi-sheer but builds up to a super gorgeous translucent red.
1050 Provocative: Cool-tone Barbie pink with silver sparkles. This one is quite sheer compared to most of the other colors, and there is a slight bit of grittiness.
1049 Newly Berried: Plummy purple cream; this one is kind of sheer but buildable to a nice and even coverage.
1046 Chalkin' Pink: Definitely the dud of the bunch, this is a pale lavender that's dissapointingly sheer and patchy.
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1054 Black Diamond"
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1047 Glisten to Me"
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1048 Galactica"
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1052 Show Off"
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1050 Provocative"
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1049 Newly Berried"
Hard Candy Fierce Effects in "1046 Chalkin' Pink"
Hard Candy is available exclusively at Walmart Canada.
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