Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother: Review

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Just in time for sandal season is the Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother ($49 CAD) from Bliss. With a spinning exfoliating disc that buffs away dead skin, the device promises smooth and flawless feet. So how well does it work, read all about it by clicking.......
Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother
What's Included:
-Achilles' Heel Smoother Tool
-1 Exfoliating Disc
-6 Buffing Discs
-1 Mini Cleaning Brush
-Foot Patrol AHA Exfoliating & Softening Cream (30ml)
-4 AA Batteries

Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother
The Achilles' Heel Smoother tool is a large egg-shaped device. At the base of the device, the cap opens to reveal an exfoliating disc attachment, which can be easily removed for cleaning or changed into the buffing disc attachment. There's a simple on and off switch and the device has two spinning speeds. Also included are extra buffing discs that can be used after exfoliation.
The rim of the exfoliating disc has a little plastic shield designed to catch dead skin dustings. However, the little shield doesn't work very well so it's best to use this device in a large open space (preferably outside) over a garbage can or a sheet of newspaper to catch any debris.
I would have preferred this to be rechargeable but the device is powered by 4 AA batteries.
Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother
Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother
Effectiveness & Result:
I was a bit skeptical at first about how well this device would work but I am overall very impressed. The exfoliating disc spins to gently buff away dead skin. Even at the highest speed, the Achilles' Heel Smoother takes quite some time to work. The disc works away very slowly but it does effectively remove all dead skin patches. The disc is only slightly abrasive so there is no risk of hurting fresh skin.
Bliss Achilles' Heel Spa-Powered Heel Smoother
The device is designed for use on dry skin so after exfoliation I would take a shower and then apply lotion to really condition the skin and prolong the softness. Overall this is a great device that really does what it promises. With that said, if you have a lot of thick calluses on your feet, buffing them will take quite a long time. However, compared to traditional pumice stone or calluse filers, the Achille's Heel Smoother takes a lot less effort and that's a huge plus for me!

Bliss is available online and in stores at Sephora, London Drugs, and The Bay.
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