Wednesday, June 22, 2016

CND Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Inspired by "earthy colors and weathered textures", the Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection ($12.50 each) from CND features some gorgeous reds and browns. This is by far one of my favorite fall collections in the recent years so I am very happy to share with you some swatches today. To see the individual shades, click......

Brick Knit:
This is a very fall-appropriate burnt orange with a fairly pigmented formulation. The polish is very nice and smooth but after two coats there was still a bit of patchiness. However, it wasn't patchy enough that I felt the need for a third coat.
Brick Knit, two coats with no top coat.
Denim Patch:
A gorgeous grey-blue, Denim Patch is a very pigmented cream. The formulation is super pigmented but the polish is a tad too thick. It dries within seconds so it was hard to smooth it out. A top coat would be a must with this one.
Denim Patch, two coats with CND Vinylux Weekley Top Coat.
This is a very beautiful deep oxblood red. Unfortunately, the formulation is a bit sheer, especially for such a dark shade. I used three coats for an opaque coverage.
Oxblood, three coats with no top coat.
Hand Fired:
One of my favorites from this collection, Hand Fired is a shimmery coppery red scattered with red and golden sparkles. The formulation is decently pigmented and two coats gave a nice coverage.
Hand Fired, two coats with no top coat.
Fern Flannel:
Another favorite of mine from this collection, Fern Flannel is an absolutely breathtaking dark blue shimmer. The color is very unique and the formulation is very rich and pigmented.
Fern Flannel, two coats with no top coat.
Brass Button:
A rich brass gold shimmer, Brass Button is pigmented and easy-to-apply. I used two coats for the swatches below.
Brass Button, two coats with no top coat.
Leather Satchel:
A warm copper-brown, Leather Satchel has a slightly more metallic finish. The formulation is a bit sheer so I had to use three coats for a completely opaque coverage.
Leather Satchel, three coats with no top coat.
Patina Buckle:
This is a gorgeous purple/lavender duo-chrome shimmer. The formulation is a bit sheer so I needed three coats for a mostly opaque coverage.
Patina Buckle, three coats with no top coat.
CND is available at Trade Secrets, Chatters, and select salons. For all store locations click here. The Fall 2016 Craft Culture Collection launches July 2016.
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