Monday, June 27, 2016

MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow in "Plead Gilty" & "Jealous Girl": Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
For Summer 2016, MAC has a new eyeshadow collection inspired by the colors and textures of creamy and summery soft serve ice cream. The Soft Serve Eye Shadows ($26 CAD) feature a bouncy texture and are available in 12 playful shades. To see some swatches and read my review of the formulation, click.......
MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow in "Plead Gilty" & "Jealous Girl"
The MAC Soft Serve Eyeshadows come in flattened glass jars, similar to that of the MAC Fluidline cream liners. I've never really had issues with spongy-cream shadows in jars but the shade "Jealous Girl" completely detached from the container. When I opened it for the first time the entire chunk of shadow literally fell out onto the floor. This didn't happen with the other shade but I thought I should put it out there as a caution to open the jar carefully and to store it upright.
MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow in "Plead Gilty" & "Jealous Girl"
The Soft Serve Eye Shadows are whipped cream shadows with a souffle-like texture. "Jealous Girl" is a light baby green packed with silvery white shimmers; the color has a really lovely texture that feels nice and cooling on the skin. The shadow is fairly pigmented and it's easily blendable. "Plead Gilty" on the other hand, is a very soft pale yellow shimmer. Interestingly, this shade has a slightly funky texture; the eyeshadow is strangely chunky, making it a lot harder to completely blend out. Overall, I do like these shadows; they give the lids a really lovely and soft touch of shimmer. The formulation seems a bit inconsistent so I 'd testing them out in stores before buying.

MAC is available online and in stores at MAC boutiques.
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