Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Clarins Booster Repair | Energy | Detox: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
For Fall 2016, Clarins is introducing a trio of highly concentrated skin Boosters ($40 CAD each) designed to customize and upgrade your skincare routine. Available in three different varieties (Repair, Energy, Detox), the Clarins Booster targets your area of concern to improve your overall complexion. To learn all about them, click.......
Clarins Booster Repair, Energy, Repair
The Clarins Boosters come in small 15ml bottles with a fine nozzle dispenser. To dispense the product drop by drop, simply press the flexible bottom of the bottle. Although 15ml doesn't feel like a lot of product, these will last for up to three months as you only need three to five drops each time.
Clarins Booster Repair, Detox, Energy
With a highly concentrated formulation, the Clarins Boosters are designed to be mixed in (night or day) with your regular cream, serum, mask, or foundation in your palm before massaging onto the face. All three variation of the Booster is water and glycerin based; here is how they differ:

Booster Repair: Made with extracts of mimosa tenuiflora and centella asiatica plants, this Booster is designed to repair skin damaged from sunburn, extreme climates, hard or chlorinated water, and minor cosmetic treatments. Also formulated with moisturizing allantoin, the Booster Repair has the most viscous texture out of all three.

Booster Detox: Infused with sodium hyaluronate and extracts of oat, green coffee, purple passionflower, and cotton seed, the Booster Detox is designed to treat skin stressed out by the effects of partying, over-indulging, smoking, and pollution.

Booster Energy: With wheat protein and ginseng extract, this Booster is designed for those with a hectic lifestyle that often experiences fatigued and dullness. The ginseng is thought to stimulate skin cell renewal. This one has the thinnest texture of all three.
Clarins Booster Repair, Detox, Energy
I've been mixing and matching all three Clarins Boosters with my Clarins Multi-Active duo (twice a day) for about two months now and I'm really enjoying the results. My skin simply looks better; I've noticed an improvement in both texture and complexion. With the usage of any of these at night, I wake up to find my skin looking so much more radiant and renewed in the morning. In terms of application, it took a couple of days to get used to the dispense and mix process but I think the idea makes a lot of sense as the concentrated ingredients from the Boosters are kept refresh until use and you can customize it with your personal skincare routine. Overall, I'd recommend all three of these! However, I think you can definitely start with one that fits best with your needs and see how it works out.

The Clarins Boosters are coming September 1st in stores and on Clarins.com.
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