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My Trip to NYC | Lush Spa New York

Disclaimer: This spa treatment was complimentary, courtesy of Lush Canada.
Very early on during my trip-planning for New York City, I knew I had to visit the Lush Spa. I've been a Lush fan for years and have heard amazing things about their spa treatments so this was one of those must-visit places on my list. On the day before my flight back to Vancouver, I took a trip to the spa and received a relaxing scrubbing massage that was not far from life-changing (seriously, it was that good). To read all about my experience, click.......
Lush Spa NYC | Lush Store
Located above a regular Lush store on Lexington Avenue, just a few stations from Midtown Manhattan, the Lush Spa offers a unique selection of face and body treatments. Before heading up to the spa area, I dawdled around the store and noticed that there was a little listening station for all the soundtracks of the different spa treatments. Each treatment actually has its own Lush-produced soundtrack, full over amazing covers of beloved popular music.
Lush Spa NYC | Treatment Soundtracks
Lush Spa NYC | Waiting Area
Inspired by a rustic English cottage, the Lush Spa space was just beyond adorable. There was a small seating area with cute wooden furniture and earth-tone cushions where I waited for my treatment. I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire about my general health status while I sipped on some refreshing cucumber water. Opposite the chairs was a large area that looked like a country kitchen. The place felt so homey and welcoming I honestly didn't believe I was at a spa! Everything just screamed #decorgoals!
Lush Spa NYC | Kitchen
Lush Spa NYC | Kitchen
Shortly after filling out the questionnaire, my masseuse came out and greeted me. She talked me through the entire concept behind the Lush Spa and the "The Comforter?" treatment I was getting. She was super thorough and was very welcoming of my questions. "The Comforter?" treatment is a 60-minute body scrub massage that was all about unwinding and relaxation (with a dash of whimsy, of course). The treatment is centered around two Lush Spa-exclusive products that were sadly unavailable for purchase: the hot chocolate body scrub and the rose body serum. Both came in solid bars that needed to be melted down before use. The chocolate scrub smelled like heaven and the rose body serum was unbelievably light and moisturizing.
Lush Spa NYC | The Comforter? Exclusive Chocolate Scrub & Rose Body Serum
Once I was given a walk-through, I was led to the treatment room, which was in itself a spectacle to be revered. The dimmed room was lid up with fun projector lights that mimicked a ceiling full of stars. The special soundtrack for the treatment (think Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka) played softly in the background and heck, there was even a bubble machine running during portions of the treatment. The entire setup was just amazing! Check out the video below to get a peek at the treatment I received.

Because my masseuse already talked to me about all the steps of the treatment, there wasn't a lot of talking during the session so I was really able to relax and step into another world. I was tucked comfortably inside a warm and cozy duvet while she scrubbed my neck, chest, arms, and legs with the warm chocolate scrub and proceeded to massage my skin with a gentle rolling motion. After removing all the scrub bits with fresh warm towels, she applied the heavenly rose body serum, which was followed by more massaging. The pressure wasn't very intense so it was really more about relaxing and unwinding. I personally would have preferred a slightly deeper massage but that's really not what "The Comforter?" was about.
Lush Spa NYC | Bathroom
My absolute favorite part of the treatment was the rose body serum. It had such a smooth and slippery texture upon application yet it magically set to an almost powder matte finish that was super softening and moisturizing. I was honestly pretty bummed that it wasn't available for sale because I would have bought at least two! The entire treatment was unlike any spa treatment I've had. It was fun, relaxing, and totally immersive. I came out feeling like I just went on the most dreamy carnival ride. My one only small dislike about the treatment was that because the scrub was quite messy, a tiny bit of residue remained after the treatment. So if you are planning on heading to an important function after your visit, choose another treatment that doesn't involve body scrubs.

I took a quick visit to the bathroom before leaving and was delighted to find it fully decked out with Lush products to try and play with. Before I took off, I was offered a special "The Comforter!" mocktail made with pink cotton candy, rose water liquor, and sparkling water. Needless to say, the Lush Spa is definitely a place I would revisit and I dearly hope they open up a Vancouver location in the future! If you are ever visiting New York City, this is a must-visit! Not only was the experience one-of-a-kind, the staff was also very cheery and friendly. I was told that bookings are usually full two weeks ahead of time so it's imperative to book long in advance. Also, allow for at least two hours for the visit even if you treatment is only around one hour long.

Lush Spa North American locations are found in New York City and Philadelphia, book your appointment online or by phone.
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