Friday, August 12, 2016

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Paper: Review

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Once used by craftsmen during the process of gold leaf manufacturing, Aburatorigami, which translates to "oil removal paper", was discovered by geishas for its absorbent property. Made from all-natural materials, the Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers ($15 CAD) revives this century-long beauty secret and brings it to the modern women. To read my full review, click.......
Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Paper
Packaged in a slim square packet, the Tatcha Aburatorigami comes with 30 sheets of blotting paper. The papers are made with 100% abaca leaf and if you look closely, you will notice that each sheet is scattered with tiny bits of gold flakes, an homage to the origin of the Aburatorigami. Now I've used a lot of blotting papers in my day, but these are hands-down the most well-made. The paper is a lot sturdier that your typical blotting paper, yet it's super absorbent. The larger size of the sheets also means that you can pick up more oil.
Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Paper
The added gold speckles are there for pure vanity and luxury so I find them a bit unnecessary. Every once in a while, a couple specks will even transfer to my skin, which actually makes them a bit of a nuisance. All in all, these are amazing blotting papers but are they worth the much higher price? Probably not as I can get packs of 200 sheets for no more than $2. But hey, if you have the money to spend, then why not treat yourself!

Tatcha is available online and in stores at Sephora and Tatcha.
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