Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
Hi everyone, I hope your day is going well! Since summer is in full swing and many of you may be heading off to exotic destinations, I wanted to share with you the Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray ($49.99). A luxurious and compact device that allows you to transfer and carry any of your favorite perfumes, the Travalo Milano is a travel essential. To read all about it, click.......
Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray
The classic Travalo was released a few years back and it was a revolutionary product that made it easy to travel with fragrances. The more recent Milano style is a high-end take on the original that truly feels elegant and luxurious.
The Milano comes in a beautiful gift-ready box and it's about the size of a small chubby highlighter. The design is completely glass-free and the outer shell is made of a shiny silver metal. Both the cap and the body is covered with a faux leather layer pressed with a cross-hatch design. I have here the "hot pink" Milano but the device is offered in several other trendy colors.
Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray
Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray
The inner bottle is made of a sturdy plastic. To use, simply pull out the tube from the shell. There is a small nozzle at the bottom of the bottle and this is where you fill the Travalo.
The device is compatible with pretty much any perfume bottle. To fill the Travalo, simply pull off the spray nozzle and line the perfume's straw opening with the bottom of the Travalo tube. For my demonstration photos below, I am filling it with my Benefit Bathina scent.
Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray
After you have securely pushed the perfume's little straw tip into the bottom of the Travalo bottle, all you have to do is pump until you have the desired amount of perfume in the bottle. The Travalo holds a maximum of 5ml of liquids, which equates to 65 spritz. The spritzer on the Travalo is fantastic as well! The fragrance comes out in a super fine mist, a lot finer compared to most perfume bottles.
Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray
Overall, I am quite in love with this thing! Firstly, it makes traveling with fragrances so much easier. Instead of buying costly roller ball or mini versions of your favorite fragrance, the Travalo Milano allows you to carry a small amount of the fragrance onto air flights or road trips. Secondly, the Milano design is sleek and well-made, I haven't experienced any leaking either. It's pricey but refillable. So in the long run, you are definitely saving money.
Travalo Milano Easy Fill Perfume Spray
The Travalo also works well if you enjoy switching up your fragrances. Instead of filling the bottle up all the way, just pump in one or two milliliters of perfume. I imagine that the different scents might get slightly muddled if you are constantly switching perfumes, but the effect shouldn't be too noticeable.

For the month of October 2016, 25% of all sales from pink-colored Travalos (including this one) will go towards Bright Pink, a non-profit organization that focuses on the early detection and prevention of breast and ovarian cancer.

Travalo is available online and in stores at select retailers.
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