Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum: Review

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For Fall 2016, Burberry is once again expanding the My Burberry family with the new My Burberry Black Parfum ($138 for 90ml). A darker and more sensual take on the original, My Burberry Black boasts sweet notes of candied rose, peach nectar, and patchouli. To read more about my thoughts on the scent, click.......
Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum
The Bottle:
Like the previous My Burberry Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, My Burberry Black comes in a classically beautiful rectangular glass bottle. With a rich amber tint, the bottle is adorned with a dark horn-finish cap and a hand-tied gabardine ribbon inspired by the black Burberry trench. The bottle I have here is monogrammed with my initial, an option you can get at Burberry.com and select Burberry boutiques or wholesale locations.
Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum
The Scent:
My Burberry Black is described as an "intense and sensual interpretation" of the original My Burberry. It is said to evoke the scent of a London garden amidst a heavy rainstorm.

Top Note: Jasmine
Heart Notes: Candied rose, peach nectar
Base Note: Amber, patchouli

Unlike the more feminine floral profile of the original, My Burberry Black is a very sweet and sensual floral. The peach nectar is the most distinctive note to my nose and that's not a bad thing because I love the smell of peach in fragrances. Fruity scents tend to wear off pretty quickly but the peach in My Burberry Black really lingers around. The patchouli becomes quite noticeable after half an hour or so; it's pretty strong but I think it works very well with the florals. Overall, this is a very sweet scent but the sweetness is sophisticated and earthy, as opposed to sugary and playful. I would definitely recommend checking this one out; it's a unique fall and winter scent and the packaging is so iconic and classy.

Burberry is available online at Sephora, Burberry.com and in stores at The Bay, select Shoppers, Nordstrom, Murale, Sears, and Holt Renfrew.
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