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Sudio Vasa Blå Wireless Bluetooth Earphones: Review

Disclaimer: The product featured was provided for review.
In the emergence of the "wireless movement" (thanks Apple), I've been looking into some wireless earphone options. Recently I got my hands on a pair of beautiful earphones from Sudio and although I am no tech expert, I wanted to share with you my experience with the product. Created by Swedish designer Mats Wallsten, the name brand name Sudio is inspired by Phil Colin's song "Sussudio". To read all about the Vasa Blå ($140 CAD), earphones I've been testing out, click......
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
What's in the Box:
-Vasa Blå earphones with built-in microphone
-4 Extra pairs of rubber earbud inserts 
-Owner’s manual
-Genuine leather carrying case 
-Metal Clip 
-Micro USB Charging Cable
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
The Design:
The Vasa Blå earphones are available in four different colors and I have here the Rose Gold Black. The earbuds have shiny rose gold accents and they are connected to each other via a short length of flattened cable. All the in-ear earphones I've owned in the past feature a curved design that nicely fits the contours of the ears but these do not have that feature and are thus not as ergonomic. The actual in-ear portion is not as slim and curvy as your typical in-ear earphones and because I have a particularly small ear opening, the fit is just a bit tight. The earphones are not constantly falling out of my ears by any means but they do tend to get dislodged more often.
My big kudos for the design of the earbuds go to the rubber inserts. Unlike 99% of earphones I owned in the past, the rubber inserts don't easily fall off during day to day use. Heck, I can't even tell you how many pairs of earphones I had to stop using basically because the rubber inserts won't stay on. Admittedly the Vasa Blå rubber inserts are darn tricky to put on but it is a price I am very happy to pay in exchange for a secure stay.
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
Below the buds on either side of the cable are the power/volume control and the battery pack. Neither are very heavy but they definitely drag the ear buds down during vigorous head movements or quick head turns. Additionally, the weight of the two blocks makes it very difficult to wear the earphones lying down. I have tried using this in bed and at the gym while doing floor exercises and it was almost impossible to keep these secure in the ears. The Vasa Blå does come with a little clip that you can use to keep the base of the wires secured to your collar, which may help alleviate the weight of the battery and the power control.
Although the Vasa Blå is not great for using in bed or during activities that require a lot of head movement, it is fantastic for everyday commute. I am a daily commuter so when I have to juggle a backpack, an umbrella (because it's Vancouver), and whatever else I may be holding on a crowded train, a tangly headphone wire is the last thing I want to worry about. So not having a wire between my phone and my earphones is a great thing!
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
The Vasa Blå has a simple control bar with only three buttons. The middle button serves as the on/off and play/pause button while the upper and lower buttons control the volume. The design of the bar is very simple and sleek but it's not very easy to use. The buttons are not raised and although that helps prevent accidental clicks, they make it hard to press down the buttons, especially if I am doing cardio at the gym. Another thing that bugs me about the power bar is the intermittent flashing light. This is the first pair of Bluetooth earphones I've owned so I don't know if that's the norm but the flashing signal during usage is quite a nuisance. I like watching Netflix in bed on my phone before bed (don't judge), so the flashing signal can actually be quite distracting.
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
The earphones do come with a genuine leather storage pouch. It's not something I will use because I am just too lazy but I think a lot of people will really appreciate it. If you are paying $100+ for your earphones, you better store it right! The earphones charge via the included micro-USB. The charging time is very fast (~30 minutes) and the battery life promises up to eight continuous hours of use. I don't listen to a lot of music so the battery lasts me well up to a week. Last but not least, the earphones have a built-in microphone so you can easily speak on the phone during wear.
Sudio Vasa Blå in Rose Gold Black
The Sound:
No review of earphones would be complete without talking about the sound quality but I again have to confess that I am no tech pro so I can only speak as your average consumer. To me, the Vasa Blå provided a well-rounded sound. The quality is on par with brands like Panasonic and Skullcandy. Not too treble-y and not too excessive in the bass department. Given that the earphones are linked to my phone via Bluetooth, there are the occasional bad connections. I've experienced a few random skips occasionally and there were a couple times where I am on a crowded bus and the sound quality went a bit garbled. It only lasted ten or so seconds so it wasn't a big deal for me. Additionally, I can't really use the earphones for my desktop as the signal significantly interferes with my mouse signal- something you may want to consider if you will be using these a lot with your computer.

The Sudio Vasa Blå are sleek and stylish wireless earphones with a high-quality sound. I personally had some issues with the comfort of the earbuds and found the design not great for any physical activity that involved lots of head movements. Overall, though, these are great for day-to-day commutes. If you are looking for some well-made wireless earphones that also look great, definitely check these out!

Sudio is available online at SudioSweden.com. Shipping is always free and if you want 15% off of your purchase, use the coupon code "THEHAPPYSLOTHS".
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