Sunday, November 27, 2016

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria: Review

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Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Review
Known as one of the most seductive and sensual perfumes in the fragrance world, Euphoria by Calvin Klein has a new sister called Deep Euphoria for Fall 2016. A stand-alone fragrance with a noticeably different scent profile that still promises to be equally sexy, Calvin Klein's Deep Euphoria ($119 CAD for 100ml) is on the chopping block today.......

The Bottle:
If there is such a thing as a seductive bottle, then Deep Euphoria certainly has one. With sloping and curving contours, the bottle is tinted with a translucent plum hue. The clear acrylic cap looks like one that belongs on a sleek lipstick, adding an even more intriguing look to the bottle. Unfortunately, the cap doesn't close very securely so it might fall off during handling and traveling.
Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Review
Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria
The Scent:
The ever-so-iconic Calvin Klein Euphoria is not part of my collection so I really didn't know what to expect with this new Deep Euphoria. Just from the name, though, I would have expected a deep and sensual fragrance. Interestingly, though, Deep Euphoria is a very mild scent. With three to four spritz on the wrists, I was still not able to get a good grasp of the fragrance, which rarely happens unless I'm having a very unfortunate case of stuffy nose. With that said, I'll try my best to describe what I can smell.

Top Notes: Cascalone (aquatic note), mandarin leaf, and white pepper.
Heart Notes: Black rose, geranium, peony, and jasmine.
Base Notes: Musk, patchouli, and woody notes.
Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Review
Opening with a soft citrus top note, Deep Euphoria quickly mellows out to a soft warm floral with an earthy undertone. The scent fades very quickly but not completely, so after just a few minutes all you get is a baseline of warm floral accentuated by a noticeable whiff of patchouli. Calvin Klein describes this as a sophisticated and seductive scent and although I don't completely disagree, I just feel that the fragrance is very muted, to the point that it doesn't make any discernible impression. Unless you douse yourself in this thing, a few spritz will only be noticeable if someone is very up-close and personal. Have you tried this fragrance? I'd be very interested in your thoughts so share with me in the comments below!

Calvin Klein Fragrance is available in stores at The Bay, Shoppers, London Drugs, and Sears.
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