Wednesday, November 2, 2016

DAVIDsTEA Fall 2016 | Back to Reality & Cold 911

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
David's Tea Fall 2016 | Back to Reality & Cold 911
The flu season is upon us once again and for those of you that are still in school, this time of the year is also full of midterm-stress and project deadlines. With all those things combined, your body may succumb to the elements and fall ill so a little DAVIDsTEA is a necessity to help you get through the daily grind. To read a bit more about the Back to Reality Pack ($25 CAD) and the Cold 911 Nordic Tea Mug ($23 CAD), click.......
David's Tea Fall 2016 | Back to Reality & Cold 911
DAVIDsTEA | Back to Reality Pack
Back to Reality Get Through the Daily Grind Pack ($25 CAD):
With three 25g tea samplers, one Perfect Spoon, and a pack of ten paper tea filter bags, the Back to Reality pack is made for night owls and early risers that need their caffeine fix to get through the day. The three teas included range from low caffeine, medium caffeine, and a super caffeine stimulant so you can really customize your recharge level. The kit literally includes everything (even a tea scooper) so if you are new to DAVIDsTEA, this set's got you covered!
David's Tea Fall 2016 | Back to Reality & Cold 911
DAVIDsTEA | Cold 911 Nordic Tea Mug
Cold 911 Nordic Tea Mug ($23 CAD):
I love the DAVIDsTEA Nordic Mugs and for this winter season, you've got a super simple and season-appropriate mug printed with a red cross sign that actually changes color when you fill it with hot water. All DAVIDsTEA Nordic Mugs come with a tea infuser and a lid that doubles as a saucer for the infuser. Feel a cold coming? Fill 'er up!

DAVIDsTEA is available in stores and online at DAVIDsTEA.
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