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Mugler Angel Eau Sucree 2017: Review

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Mugler Angel Eau Sucree 2017: Review
For Spring 2017, the Mugler Angel Eau Sucree ($82 CAD for 50ml) is getting a packaging revamp! Introducing a brand new bottle inspired by the iridescent icing glaze on gourmet chocolate cakes, the delicious fragrance remains unchanged. To read my review and thoughts on the scent, click......
Mugler Angel Eau Sucree 2017: Review
Mugler Angel Eau Sucree 2017
The Bottle:
Housed in the iconic Angel multi-faceted star bottle, the Angel Eau Sucree 2017 doesn't look all that different from the original Angel expect for the darker tinted glass. Upon closer inspection, though, you will notice that the glass is embedded with a fine dusting of iridescent pearly shimmers. The effect is to mimic the icing glaze on delicious baked goods.
Mugler Angel Eau Sucree 2017: Review
Mugler Angel Eau Sucree 2017

The Scent:

I've never tried previous versions of the Angel Eau Sucree so I won't be able to make any comparisons. However, the fragrance of the 2017 Angel Eau Sucree is unchanged from the previous version. The only difference is the packaging. Unlike the name seems to suggest, Angel Eau Sucree opens on a very fruity note that's quite different from the original Mugler Angel (reviewed here). I was expecting a sugary sweet scent but the fruity notes smelled very tangy and refreshing.

Top Notes: Red berries
Heart Notes: Carmelized meringue
Base Notes: Patchouli, vanilla

After ten or so minutes, the top notes settle to reveal a more familiar smell that's very reminiscent of the original Angel. You get that gourmand sweetness from the meringue and vanilla and you also get a strong presence of patchouli earthiness. Overall, Angel Eau Sucree is a fresher, fruitier take on the original Angel, but after half an hour or so, it reverts right back to the original scent profile, albeit at a lesser intensity. If you are a fan of the original Angel, then you will definitely enjoy this lighter rendition. If you are like me and found the original way too pungent, then you might like this toned-down version with a tangier twist.

Mugler is available at The Bay, Sephora, Nordstrom, Shoppers, Jean Coutu, and Murale.
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