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Clean Reserve | Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum: Review

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Clean Reserve | Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum: Review
New from Clean Reserve comes a fresh and light citrus fragrance inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean seascape. Boasting notes of bergamot sourced from Southern Italy and ethically-harvested Sri Lankan sandalwood, Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum ($130 CAD for 100 ml) sounds like the perfect summer fragrance. To learn more and read my review, click......
Clean Reserve | Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum: Review
Clean Reserve | Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum
The Bottle:
Housed in a simple and sturdy bottle made with recycled glass, the Clean Reserve perfumes feel super minimalist yet luxurious at the same time. The unique, cube-shaped cap is made with wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests of Spain and in keeping with the eco-conscious philosophy, even the corn-derived cellophane wrapper is fully compostable. A little tip I learned during Clean Reserve's last press event is that if you spray a generous amount of the fragrance directly onto the wooden cap, it serves as a diffuser so your whole room can be filled with the fragrance.

The Scent:
Acqua Neroli is described as a "floral citrus" inspired by the Mediterranean breeze and ocean. The fragrance opens with a mouthwatering citrus accord and a very alluring hint of bitterness from the neroli. Unfortunately, the scent fades significantly after application. It was almost as if the fragrance consisted of only top notes that evaporate upon contact. The bitter yet refreshing citrus blend is one of the best smells I've experienced but it literally disappears within seconds. There's the softest hint of orange blossom and neroli remaining on the skin but it's only detectable if you lean in very closely.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Sicilian Orange
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Neroli, Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Acqua Musk, Amber, Ambrette, Sandalwood

All in all, this had the potential to be an amazing summer fragrance but the sillage and wear time is beyond disappointing. With that said, I'd still encourage trying it in stores because the scent could work when paired with a longer-lasting fragrance (Clean Reserve suggests "Citron Fig" and "Skin" from their collection).
Clean Reserve | Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum: Review
Clean Reserve | Acqua Neroli Eau de Parfum
Clean Reserve is available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora online.
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