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Lise Watier | *NEW* Korean Beauty Cleanser Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Lise Watier | Korean Beauty Cleanser Collection
New for Fall 2018, Lise Watier has created an exclusive four-piece skincare collection inspired by the meticulous cleansing routine of Korean skincare. Developed and produced in collaboration with a Korean-based laboratory, this collection includes a Deep Cleansing Oil, a Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser, a Gentle Rose Petal Scrub, and a Soothing Petal Gel Toner. I've got scoops of all four products to share with you today. To read my reviews, click......
Lise Watier | Deep Cleansing Oil & Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser: Review
Lise Watier | Deep Cleansing Oil & Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser
Lise Watier | Deep Cleansing Oil ($26 CAD for 200 ml):
With oils of sweet almond, avocado, coconut, babassu, and macadamia, the Deep Cleansing Oil features a pretty standard formulation that's lightweight and non-greasy. The softly-fragranced oil does a good job of removing all traces of waterproof makeup but it does require some effortful emulsifying to completely wash off. There is just the teeniest bit of residue left over so I would recommend following up with a foaming cleanser if you like that squeaky clean feel. Overall this is not the best cleansing oil I've tried but it's a great one for its price!

Lise Watier | Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser ($26 CAD 150 ml):
Enriched with extracts of oat, elm, and artichoke, the Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser has a thick, almost solid formulation that provides a very bubbly lather. Just a smidgen goes a long, long way and because the cleanser contains menthol, it feels very calming and cooling on the skin. However, do be careful when using it around the eyes as the menthol can be irritating if it gets into the eyes. Because the formulation lathers extremely well, I find it a bit hard to rinse off. Even when I use the tiniest bit, I still have to rinse repeatedly to remove the slippery residue. With that said, this is a great cleanser to use with my Clarisonic, which works much better with a very bubbly cleanser.
Lise Watier | Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser: Review
Lise Watier | Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser
Lise Watier | Gentle Rose Petal Scrub & Soothing Rose Petal Toner: Review
Lise Watier | Gentle Rose Petal Scrub & Soothing Rose Petal Toner
Lise Watier | Soothing Rose Petal Gel Toner ($26 CAD for 150 ml):
Housed in a tall clear bottle, this is a gel toner infused with rose extract, yeast ferment, and small bits of real rose petals. With a slightly viscous liquid texture, the toner dispenses from a small spout opening. However, because the bottle is made of a hard plastic, you have to shake it quite vigorously to get small drops of toner to come out, which can get messy. The formulation has a very subtle floral fragrance and it feels refreshing and hydrating. When used with a cotton pad, the toner helps remove any traces of dirt and makeup left over after cleansing and it helps prepare the skin for the next step of your skincare routine. The formulation is alcohol-free and it feels very gentle. It actually reminds me a bit of the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner but it's much more affordable in comparison.

Lise Watier | Gentle Rose Petal Scrub ($26 CAD for 150 ml):
Last but not least is a gentle face scrub formulated with sugar and rose petal bits. With a fairly thick and viscous base, the sugar particles are sparsely distributed so the scrub is very gentle. I personally would have preferred a more scrubby formulation but I can see this working well for those with sensitive skin. Similar to the Cooling Cream Foam Cleanser, I found that the scrub required some extra effort to fully rinse off but once it's removed, my skin felt smooth and soft. If you are looking for a gentle, everyday facial scrub that also doubles as a cleanser, then this one is worth checking out.
Lise Watier | Gentle Rose Petal Scrub: Review
Lise Watier | Gentle Rose Petal Scrub
Overall, this is a nice collection that offers a comprehensive selection of everyday cleansing options. None of the formulations are super innovative or extraordinary but they are all gentle and effective. Plus, everything is reasonably priced at $26 each. So for those who may have never tried a cleansing oil before, this is a good place to start!

Lise Watier is available online and in stores at London Drugs.
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