Thursday, September 13, 2018

NEST Fragrances | Cocoa Woods Eau de Parfum: Review

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NEST Fragrances | Cocoa Woods Eau de Parfum: Review
In celebration of the brand's 10th anniversary, NEST Fragrances founder Laura Slatkin has created a very special and personal scent called Cocoa Woods. Featuring notes of bittersweet cocoa and sequoia wood, Cocoa Woods Eau de Parfum ($36 CAD for 8 ml or $98 CAD for 50 ml) embodies the essence of empowerment and accomplishment for Slatkin. To learn more about this scent and read my review, click......

The Bottle:
Similar to all other NEST perfumes, Cocoa Woods comes in a simple and classic square glass bottle adorned with a sticker label printed with the artwork of the 18th-century artist Mary Delany. The packaging feels unique and quaint, definitely something that will stand out on any vanity.
NEST Fragrances | Cocoa Woods Eau de Parfum: Review
NEST Fragrances | Cocoa Woods Eau Parfum
The Scent:
With a comforting yet sophisticated note of cocoa mixed with the woody warmth of sequoia and sandalwood, Cocoa Woods is a simple fragrance that stays true to its name. The scent has a subtle hint of sweetness so it does feel a little gourmand but it's not nauseating or overly sweet. I can't detect the tiare or ginger but I do wish for a stronger presence of both as they would have added a little more dimension and freshness to the scent.

Key Notes: Bittersweet Cocoa, Sequoia Wood, White Sandalwood, 
Tiare Blossom, Thai Ginger

In terms of wear, Cocoa Woods is quite disappointing considering that the key notes are all heavier base notes. Within just an hour or so, the fragrance fades significantly. Nevertheless, this is a really nice fall or winter fragrance that will work for both men and women. So the bottom line is, if you love warm and woody fragrances, then you will certainly enjoy Cocoa Woods.

NEST Fragrances is available online and in stores at Sephora and
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