Saturday, September 8, 2018

Too Faced | Peach Lip Scrub & Peach Lip Balm: Review

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Too Faced | Peach Lip Scrub & Peach Lip Balm: Review
New from Too Faced comes a handful of delicious additions to the ever-so-popular Peaches & Cream Collection. There are seven new shades added to the Peach Kiss Matte Lipstick range (originally reviewed here) and a new face palette to boot and I'm sharing today the Peach Lip Scrub ($21 CAD) and Peach Lip Balm ($21 CAD). To read my review of both, click......
Too Faced | Peach Lip Scrub: Review
Too Faced | Peach Lip Scrub
Too Faced | Peach Lip Scrub ($21 CAD for 15 ml):
Infused with a sweet peach fragrance, the Peach Lip Scrub is formulated with sugar, petrolatum, jojoba, shea, peach extract, and fig extract. It is housed in a cute little jar adorned with a raised label on the cap and it's packed with a nice amount of sugar crystals to provide an effective exfoliation. The nourishing formulation leaves behind just the tiniest bit of residue but it's not a big deal for me as it keeps my lips soft and hydrated even if I don't follow up with a balm.

Too Faced | Peach Lip Balm ($21 CAD for 15 ml):
Housed in a pink and gold jar and scented with a peaches and cream scent similar to that of the Peach Lip Scrub, this is a petrolatum-based lip balm infused with fig and peach extract. The balm appears slightly pink in the jar but it applies colorless to the lips. I'm not a fan of the packaging as I find it inconvenient and unsanitary but the formulation is super hydrating and long-lasting. The formulation does contain silicone which is noticeable upon initial application but the overall wear is comfortable and nourishing. If you are looking for an intense nighttime balm scented like sweet peaches, then definitely check this out.
Too Faced | Peach Lip Balm: Review
Too Faced | Peach Lip Balm
Overall, this is a really cute lip pampering duo! Both smell great and work really well! The packaging is cute but the jar-format is a bit messy and unsanitary, especially for the lip balm which I like to be able to apply while on-the-go. Have you spotted the new Peaches & Cream products from Too Faced? Are you a fan of jarred lip balms? Share with me in the comments below!

Too Faced is available at Sephora and Too Faced.
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