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NEST Fragrances | Wild Poppy Eau de Parfum: Review

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NEST Fragrances | Wild Poppy Eau de Parfum: Review
Last year marked NEST Fragrances' 10th Anniversary and brand founder Laura Slatkin is welcoming the new decade with a bang. Featuring luscious notes of summer fruits, jasmine, and rose, Wild Poppy Eau de Parfum ($98 CAD for 50 ml Spray or $36 CAD for 8ml Rollerball) is without a doubt a spring and summer crowd pleaser. To learn more about the fragrance and read my review, click......

The Bottle:
Available as either a travel-friendly rollerball or a full-sized spray bottle, NEST Wild Poppy is similarly packaged as all other NEST Perfumes. The full-sized bottle features a classic, squarish shape and it's adorned with a high-quality adhesive printed with the artwork of 18th-century artist Mary Delany. I personally find this bottle extra stunning as the bright poppies create such a strong contrast to the black backdrop. If you have been collecting NEST Fragrances for their bottles, this one is a must-have.
NEST Fragrances | Wild Poppy Eau de Parfum: Review
NEST Fragrances | Wild Poppy Eau de Parfum
The Scent:
Believe it or not, Wild Poppy actually does not contain any poppy! As far as I can find, poppy is not listed anywhere in the scent description. I find this quite odd considering that the fragrance is called Wild Poppy. However, since I am not familiar with the scent of poppy, I'm not too bothered as I had no expectations going in. Opening on a fresh, mouth-watering accord of raspberry, pear, and apricot, Wild Poppy immediately reminded me of Burberry's My Burberry Blush, one of my favorite fragrances in the recent years. Although the two don't share any notes, something about the fruity combo of Wild Poppy smells so similar to the My Burberry Blush's pomegranate and lemon. 

Key Notes: Pear, Raspberry, Apricot, Himalayan Jasmine, Rose de Grasse

Soon after the fruity top notes hit your nose, Wild Poppy introduces a sweet floral accord. The jasmine and rose mingle nicely with the pear and raspberry, creating a fresh and playful scent that exudes spring. In terms of wear, this one performs decently. The scent lasts around four to five hours with only moderate fading. Overall, this is a sweet and delicious fruity floral that most will find very inviting. If you are looking for a fun spring/summer fragrance, definitely give this one a try!

NEST Fragrances is available online and in stores at Sephora and www.nestfragrances.com.
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