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NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer: Review

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NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer: Review
With hair tools now pricing up to $700, the market seems hotter than ever. So today, I wanted to share with you a luxury hair dryer from NuMe, an American hair tool company that offers a plethora of high-quality curlers, straighteners, and other styling tools. Featuring a sleek design, brushless motor, ceramic grill, negative ion technology, and integrated far infrared heat strip, the Stealth Hair Dryer ($275 CAD) is a powerful and durable device that promises up to 40% less drying time. So how well does it perform? Read my review to find out......
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer | Infrared Heat: Review
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer | Ceramic Grill & Far Infrared Heat Strip
Made with a matte black body and shiny rose gold attachments, the NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer features a pure ceramic grill that provides heat control and even heat distribution. The brushless motor ensures quiet operation and over five thousand hours of drying time. The hair dryer is equipped with negative ion conditioning technology to eliminate frizz and boost shine while a built-in far infrared heat strip (zoom in the above image to see) sends heat directly to break water bonds to reduce drying time.
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer: Review
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer | Setting Controls
In terms of controls, the NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer is pretty simple to operate. There are three buttons, one for adjusting heat (low, medium, high), one for turning on/off the dryer and adjusting speed (low and high), and one for activating the cool shot feature to set the hair and seal hair cuticles. Although not super heavy, the Stealth Hair Dryer is quite large. The barrel is especially long, making it quite straining on the arms as I have to hold the dryer far from my head to accommodate its size. Fortunately, however, this is pretty much my only issue with the dryer.
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer: Review
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer | Removable Mesh Filter
With a quiet motor that initially made me doubt its efficiency, the NuMe Stealth Hair Dryer is surprisingly strong. The build-in far infrared heat strip, in particular, seems to dramatically cut down drying time. Even though my hair is only past shoulder length, I have a lot of it so it takes me a long time to blow dry. However, with the Stealth Hair Dryer, it takes me less than 10 minutes and the result is super smooth and shiny. The cool shot feature is not as cold as I would like but it does help set the style
Also included are two concentrator attachments. These simply slip onto the tip of the barrel but because there are no grooves or locking mechanism, they are prone to slipping off during handling, which is quite inconvenient. I personally don't use any attachments but for $275,  I would have expected the inclusion of a diffuser attachment.
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer | Concentrator Attachment: Review
NuMe | Stealth Hair Dryer | Concentrator Attachments
With the price of hair tools going through the roof nowadays, the Stealth Hair Dryer from NuMe is actually a pretty good investment. The device is very well-made and the number of innovative features really cuts down on drying time. Aside from the over-sized barrel which makes the design less than ergonomic, this is a really good dryer that I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a luxury hair tool to invest in!

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