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NEST Fragrances | Velvet Pear Candle & Reed Diffuser: Review

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NEST Fragrances | Velvet Pear Candle & Reed Diffuser: Review
Well known for its unique perfumes and classy home fragrances, NEST Fragrance has a brand new scent collection! Infused with notes of fresh Anjou pear, crisp apple, crushed lemon leaves, soft peony, and hints of white musk and amber, the Velvet Pear Collection is the perfect spring and summer scent. To read more about the collection and check out my review of the candle and reed diffuser, click......
NEST Fragrances | Velvet Pear Candle: Review
NEST Fragrances | Velvet Pear Candles
NEST Fragrances | Velvet Pear Candle ($56 CAD for 230 g):
Available in three sizes, the Velvet Pear Candle opens with mouthwatering notes of apple and pear dappled with a hint of crisp and clean lemon leaf. Balanced with soft notes of amber and musk, the candle is sweet but not sugary, perfectly capturing the spirit of spring and summer while also bringing a refined elegance to the room thanks to the simple yet classy pin-stripe embossed glass jar. The soft wax of the candle melts easily but due to the wider mouth of the jar, I recommend wrapping it with foil for the first few burns to prevent tunneling.
NEST Fragrances | Velvet Reed Diffuser: Review
NEST Fragrances | Velvet Pear Reed Diffuser ($64 CAD for 175 ml):
Housed in a rectangular clear glass jar frosted with an elegant pin-stripe pattern, the Velvet Pear Reed Diffuser shares the same mouthwatering fragrance as that of the candle. The formulation is alcohol-free and it fills the room with a soft presence of the Velvet Pear scent that lasts up to 90 days. A liquidless version is available if you are scared of spills but I find that the liquid version provides a more even scent distribution.

NEST Fragrances | Silver Matchbox Holder ($30 USD):
Although not a part of the Velvet Pear Collection, the NEST Silver Matchbox Holder is a recent discovery of mine that just needs to be shared. Consisting of a reflective silver case that holds a matchbox (refills are available) with 60 extra large, all-black matches, the Silver Matchbox Holder is a gorgeous candle accessory for those serious about their candle obsession. The design looks super elegant and luxurious, so if you are someone that dedicates a whole vanity or tabletop to your candles, it's a worthy investment!
NEST Fragrances | Silver Matchbox Holder: Review
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