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NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Reed Diffuser & Candle: Review

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NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Reed Diffuser & Candle: Review
NEST Fragrances introduced the beautiful Apple Blossom Collection earlier this year. Not only is it one of my personal favorites from the brand, but it also carries a very special story behind it. NEST founder Laura Slatkin created the Apple Blossom home fragrance collection in honor of her son, David, who was diagnosed with severe autism at a very young age. Laura experiences constant challenges communicating with her son as he is non-verbal but during an apple-picking trip in Upstate New York, Laura felt a real connection with him among the apple trees in the orchard. To commemorate that special and beautiful experience, the Apple Blossom Collection boasts notes of crisp red apples and sweet apple blossom. Additionally, 10% of the purchase price supports the NEXT for AUTISM organization. To read more about this scent, click......
NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Reed Diffuser: Review
NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Reed Diffuser
NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Reed Diffuser (C$62 for 175 ml):
With the most refreshing yet alluring combination of apple, apple blossom, white amber, and cedarwood, Apple Blossom is literally my favorite scent from NEST so far! There's just the right balance of fruity and floral and it feels so happy and calming. Even though I'm a big fan of home fragrances, I seldom commit to a diffuser as the scent lingers much longer than a traditional candle (approximately 90 days). But for the Apple Blossom scent, I set up the diffuser right away after the first whiff because it smells that good! My only critique was that I wish the diffuser came in a special red-tinted vase, similar to that of the Apple Blossom Candle (see below). Nevertheless, this is a must-have if you love a light and crowd-pleasing home fragrance!
NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Candle: Review
NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Scented Candle
NEST Fragrances | Apple Blossom Scented Candle (C$56 for 230 g):
Housed in a special edition red-tinted, pinstripe-embossed jar, the Apple Blossom candle features the same alluring fragrance as that of the Reed Diffuser. The candle actually comes in three different sizes but I have here the classic 230 g size which provides a burn time of up to 60 hours. As mentioned in my previous posts, the wider mouth of the jar leads to a bit of tunneling so I always shield the opening with foil to ensure even burning.

NEST Fragrances is available in stores and online at Sephora.
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