My Mission: 
With this blog, my most important goal is to provide straightforward, honest, and helpful reviews and swatches to readers like you. I've stood in front of a makeup counters before, frantically looking up swatches and reviews so I appreciate brevity and clarity in a beauty blog. If you just want the lowdown on a product, you've come to the right place! From time to time, I'll also post non-beauty posts such as restaurant reviews, travel posts, and whatever else tickles my fancy!

PR Samples: 
All posts that contain PR samples are clearly marked with a disclaimer at the beginning of the post. Free PR samples are sent to me for my honest review, I receive no additional monetary compensations. I realize that compared to when I first started blogging, the vast majority of products I review now are PR samples. Although that is the case, I constantly strive to make sure my reviews are honest. I never avoid reviewing a product because it's not good. If a product has shortcomings, I always mention them in my post. With that said, please keep in mind that different products work differently on different skin tones and skin types. Something that works great for me may not work as well for you, and vice versa.

Affiliate Links: 
As of May 2015, I will mark all posts that contain affiliate links at the beginning of the post. An affiliate link is a link that leads to a shopping page. When you make a purchase from that link, I get a small percentage of commission (approximately 1-5%). I know that most people, me included, feel very wary about clicking on affiliate links. However, I want to make sure that you (my readers) understand that I make very little money through this blog and the money I do make comes solely from sponsored contents (see below), Google ads, and affiliate links and the majority of that earning goes back to running this blog. I will never lie in a review in order to encourage you to use my affiliate links, and that's a policy I stand by 100%.

Sponsored Posts: 
All sponsored posts are clearly marked with a disclaimer at the beginning of a post as I want to remain absolutely transparent about these posts and how they work. Sponsored posts are posts that I write for a brand or company in exchange for monetary compensation. I receive compensation for promoting a new product, contest, or giveaway. The brand does not edit my posts and I am still 100% honest in my review.
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