Monday, February 11, 2013

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush: Review and Swatches

Benefit Bella Bamba is a gorgeous pink coral blush with golden shimmer. When this initially came out, I thought the packaging was super tacky, what with the gaudy color and the holographic effect. But after seeing this in stores, I actually quite like the product. The box is super mesmerizing to look at, and the color is beautiful. This blush claims to be "3 dimensional"; I don't quite see the effect but I guess it somewhat acts as a blush and highlight at the same time.
Like all Benefit blushes, Bella Bamba has a flip box with a mirror on the underside of the lid; the blush also came with a little brush. However, I don't like the brush at all because it is very stiff and thus very easy to over-apply the product with it.
Benefit Bella Bamba Blush
Benefit Bella Bamba
As I have mentioned in my TheBalm Hot Mama review, Bella Bamba is quite similar to Hot Mama, but instead of a peachy golden shimmer, Bella Bamba is more pink.
TheBalm Hot Mama (Left) vs. Benefit Bella Bamba (Right)
Overall, this is a lovely blush, perfect for any occasion.
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